Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exposed: Symonds' fishy affair

Symonds wih fishSydney, Australia. Faking News has found out the ‘reason’ why Andrew Symonds has been out of cricket in recent times. While other news sites and channels have been giving you just the news of Symonds having dumped a team meeting and gone fishing instead, we bring to you the exclusive pictures of Symonds actually catching a fish.

The adjoining picture has been taken by a Faking News stringer (ad hoc, part time reporter) who found Symonds fishing at a lake in New South Wales.

Symonds tried to hide himself beyond the giant fins of the fish that he had caught, but our alert stringer could not be fooled. You can see Symonds very clearly in the picture. For your convenience, we have also drawn a red circle (as most of the Indian news channels do) around Symond’s face.

Our stringer, whose name we are not publishing due to security reasons, was also threatened by Symonds and was chased away after this photograph was clicked.

Meanwhile Faking News has learnt that Symonds is planning an appeal against the decision of punishing him for fishing. His attorney will argue that fishing is the natural right and haibt of an aborigine, and by such a decision, Symonds has been made a victim as he belongs to a minority, downtrodden, and underprivileged community.

Symonds’ Attorney is an Indian, our sources have told.


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