Monday, September 15, 2008

Write for Us

Faking News appreciates editorial contributions (news reports, cartoons, photoshopped images or videos, which are funny and preferably satirical), although we reserve the final right to publish it with ourselves (even though we fake it, I hope you understand that we still have some editorial policies).

So if any contribution is not published, that doesn't mean there is any problem with your article, but there is some problem with our policies.

That was an upfront disclaimer, now the way to contribute:

Mail us your news reports/ cartoons/ photoshopped images/ videos on with the subject line containing the keyword 'submission' and the title of the news story (we can change the title and perform some minor spelling or grammatical changes in your article, even though our own spellings and grammar sucks).

If a picture has to be published along with the news item, let the picture be attached with the e-mail and clear directions should be given where the picture should appear, or we'd paste it wherever it suits us. Even if you send just plain text, we might add a picture from our own imagination, if we are not feeling particularly lazy on that day.

Same goes for any embedded video (provide us with the link to be embedded, preferably a full html code if not a youtube link); although chances are that we’d not add any video from our own imagination as it is not developed to that extent.

Lastly, let us know if you'd like your name and/or contact ID (email or blog link) to be published along with the 'news article'. Some contributors want that, some don't want that, while some use fake names or pseudonyms like "Gabbar from Indore" without any contact details. Let us know your type.



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