Friday, October 17, 2008

Himesh asks for ‘right to entertain’

Himesh ReshammiyaMumbai. Undeterred by criticism of his singing style and acting abilities, controversial Bollywood actor, singer, composer, and style guru Himesh Reshammiya announced launch of a civil campaign to bring about a constitutional change to append and accept ‘right to entertain’ as a fundamental right. HR, as he is lovingly addressed as, claims that whatever he is doing is influenced by his staunch belief in right to entertain.

“People who do not like my singing or acting have no rights to ask me to stop singing or acting. I believe it is my fundamental right to entertain people, and I’ll continue doing it. I guess time has come when our constitution is amended to accommodate right to entertain. There could be thousands of Himesh Reshammiyas waiting to entertain people to no end.” HR told Faking News.

When asked whether ‘right to entertain’ is in harmony with the overall spirit of Indian constitution, HR replied, ‘of course’.

“People have a right to entertain their religious and political beliefs. Politicians have a right to entertain weird demands of their voters. Bureaucrats have a right to entertain fancies of their ministers. In fact, nowadays it seems terrorists have a right to entertain their bosses. When our constitution has either granted some of these rights or has no objection to them being followed, why should it not openly declare it as a fundamental right?” HR explained his belief.

HR declared that he will soon embark upon a Rath Yatra, touring whole of India with his entertainment troupe, to whip up civil support for his beliefs. He denied that he had any intentions of joining politics, saying this was a case of civil liberties and human rights, not petty politics.


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