Sunday, December 14, 2008

Arundhati Roy is Miss World 2008

Arundhati is back!Johannesburg, South Africa. Miss World title came back to India after eight years as Booker Prize winner and self styled activist Ms. Arundhati Roy was declared winner of the crown here in a dazzling ceremony on Saturday. Ms. Roy is the sixth Indian to have won the crown and only the second one to win it in the 21st century after Priyanka Chopra had won it at the beginning of the century. With this win, supremacy of Indian beauty has been restored in the world yet again.

“People have been asking me why I was lying low in later months of 2008 even though there were so many activities happening – bomb blasts, terror attacks, candlelight protests, elections, India-Pakistan standoff, et al. I hope I have silenced my critics now. And listen, my crown is not fake as Jamia Nagar encounter.” Miss World Arundhati Roy told Faking News.

In the final round, contestants were asked the question, “what is the one thing you would like to change in this world?” Ms. Roy’s answer, “the international boundary between India and Kashmir”, was selected as the best one among the five finalists – Russia, Somalia, Aruba, and Trinidad & Tobago.

Other answers were – “my president’s name” (Ms. Russia), “international sea routes” (Ms. Somalia), “international map” (Ms. Aruba), and “Brian Lara’s girl friend” (Ms. Trinidad & Tobago).

“Arundhati’s answer proved beyond doubt that she is the quintessential beauty with brains. The crown was hers as soon as she provided that answer. She has that international appeal all Indian contestants were lacking for last seven years.” Julia Morley, head of the Miss World committee that organises the event told with gasped breath.

Earlier Ms. Roy created a storm by refusing to take part in swimsuit round calling it exploitation of women. Later on when organizers cited her own writings, which were appreciative of such libertarian attires, Ms. Roy agreed to take part in the round, although the swimsuit she won was quite baggy instead of being body hugging.

But Ms. Roy impressed everyone in the traditional dress round when she wore a saari that had paragraphs of her essays printed on it. Organizers and viewers were very happy and relieved as earlier reports had cryptically mentioned that Ms. Roy would showcase her literary talent as well.

As Miss World 2008, Arundhati Roy will travel to different parts of the world and raise charities for welfare of children and poor people. Her detractors are happy that at least this will keep her away from India next year too.


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