Thursday, December 25, 2008

Faking News completes 101 days of flushing news

Actually the norm is to celebrate a century, but we couldn’t notice it when we completed a century of days of existence. Now one day later when we realize it, we are trying to make news out of it. So raise a toast for the leading Indian satire and humor website Faking News.

In fact, we would also make a virtue out of it. Today is Christmas (important both for Muslims and Christians) we have 108 (a number considered to be pious by Hindus) reports by now, while we make fun of everyone (relevant to Sikhs/Sardars) – which means we truly represent India. So raise a toast again, and we will wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ahead.

Anyway, Faking News started, with the domain name booked, on 15th September 2008, and first news reports started following immediately. We later found out that 15th September 2008 had some significance apart from being the birthday of Faking News. It was actually the first International Day of Democracy, a fact we otherwise would have never known till democracy would have gone missing again in the neighborhood.

Our team had planned a mega launch of Faking News on that day. An opening ceremony, which would have surpassed the grandeur of Beijing Olympics in extravaganza, was intended. Our team had rejected fifteen little girls who were not pretty enough to sing the opening song, and had got eleven exclusive media partners to broadcast the show.

But as fate had it, our bankers Lehman Brothers went bankrupt the same day and everyone from the event manager to the ticket seller deserted our plans of a ceremony and we had a very quite launch – just a few mouse-clicks were heard, and they were not lip-synced by the way.

Now after 101 days, we find ourselves gaining some attention and appreciation from some people, and we hope that one day we’ll have that great ceremony organized.

A heartfelt thanks to our readers by Pagal Patrakar and friends


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