Monday, December 8, 2008

Pappu not so happy with election results

Pappu pissed offJaipur. Pappu, who doesn’t vote, who struggles to pass exams, and who can’t dance, has expressed his unhappiness over results of the assembly elections of five states, which were announced today. While Pappu was happy over results in Delhi, Chhatisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, he thought election results in Rajasthan and Mizoram were ‘unnecessary’.

“I don’t know why people vote and change governments, it only adds to more confusion. Already the central government has changed Ministers at center, now we will have new Chief Ministers. It’s madness. Now I’d mix up all the names again and flunk the GK paper. There is a conspiracy against me.” Pappu told Faking News.

Pappu conceded that he had tough time remembering the name of outgoing Mizoram Chief Minister Pu Zoramthanga, and his worst fear says that the next Chief Minister will have a tougher name. He can’t get an answer straightaway as Congress doesn’t announce the name of a Chief Ministerial candidate until election results are over and Sonia Gandhi signs on the notification papers.

Pappu believes that such election results do nothing more than bringing new names into GK (general knowledge) books, and it was unnecessary to spend so much of money for holding elections. He suggested that intelligentsia should look for alternatives to voting.

“This is very tedious process to decide new names and a very costly one too. They should look for other means like SMS voting or internet polls. These politicians are so old fashioned and out of touch with modern generation.” Pappu rued.

Apart from GK, Pappu doesn’t like the civics paper and was Googling for ‘sample papers’ and ‘question bank’ for his upcoming pre-board exams when Faking News contacted him. His search was interrupted as power went off and Pappu blamed his electrician for the sorry state of affairs in his locality.


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