Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reliance says tata to government agents

DealMumbai. After Tata expressed lack of reliance in government machinery, Reliance has decided to say tata to government agencies. Reliance will no longer deal with these agencies, rather agents, especially bureaucrats and politicians, as it used to engage them in company’s formative years.

“We have been supporting our bureaucrats and politicians throughout and they have been reciprocating, but times have changed now. We have decided not to support them anymore till they carry on their duties effectively.” a joint statement by both the Ambani brothers read.

Both the brothers, who have recently come together after economic slowdown, refused to elaborate further. They threatened to stop similar support to media when journalists tried to probe them. Faking News too decided not to probe further as most of us use Reliance mobiles and eat potatoes from Reliance Fresh.

Other corporate houses too are expected to back Tata and Reliance in tightening the noose around government agencies and press them to perform. Our team tried to contact various corporate houses for a reaction but most of them were busy with their finances. Only Vijay Mallya agreed to comment.

“I guess it’s high time our government wakes up. I’m so shocked that even after so many disasters they are not allowing to serve liquor in the airlines (sic.)” Mr. Mallya told Faking News.

Meanwhile common man on the street is confused over where to go or on whom to rely if the government doesn’t perform well. Faking News asks such people to send us SMSs and register their concern.


Anonymous said...

aacha hai...

Saad Akhtar said...

Woah woah woah!! Hold on there... I havent even read the article. WHAT's with that PHOTO!!

Is that a broken wrist? Is the person on the right holding a gun! This is just freaking me out!! That's like 7 exclamation marks till now.

Man on right to man on left: "Here, I broke your wrist, take this business card of my doc. He fix you up"

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