Thursday, January 15, 2009

Indian news satire website denies supporting Advani

Ad VaniNew Delhi. Some of the readers of leading Indian news satire website Faking News were surprised, some were shocked and some were delighted when they saw a banner advertisement on the top of the homepage with the message “Advani for PM”.

Many of our readers wrote to us asking if we were supporting BJP for the coming general elections or if we had sold our website to Advani or to his campaign managers. Faking News wants to clarify to its readers and to everyone in general that we are doing neither of these.

“We can’t support any political party as it’s against our editorial policies. Forget supporting, we don’t even vote like many of the young and educated Indians. As far as selling our website is concerned, that’s unthinkable. Who would buy us and why?” Pagal Patrakar, managing editor of Faking News told.

Pagal Patrakar clarified that the “Advani for PM” banner was an automated advertisement placed by online advertising program AdWords of internet giant Google. Google AdWords reads the text content of any website and if some of the frequently appearing words on any website matches ‘keywords’ preferences of the advertiser, advertisements in shape of such banners show up.

“We don’t choose what advertisements appear on our site. Google AdWords and the advertisers decide them. Advani must have found some of the words appearing on our website very useful and pertinent to his political campaign and hence his advertisement is showing up. Advani is Ad-vani now!” Pagal Patrakar explained and cracked a joke.

Pagal Patrakar further informed that according to his webmaster, the top ten keywords of Faking News were - news, faking, india, indian, world, pakistan, attacks, terror, mumbai, post. Except for ‘faking’ and ‘post’, all other keywords are clearly related and relevant to Advani. According to Pagal Patrakar, those two keywords too are relevant and related to Advani.

“Advani must be faking something I am sure. I leave upon our readers to find out what is Advani faking. As far as ‘post’ is concerned, it refers to Advani’s new found love for blogging.” Pagal Patrakar explained, yet again.

Faking News hopes that after these explanations by Pagal Patrakar, Faking News would be categorized as a secular and progressive website. We also want to clarify that the RSS feeds that we use to deliver you our updates have got nothing to do with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Incidentally, Advani’s blog says “If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed!


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