Friday, January 23, 2009

Who is the Obama of India?

Indian ObamaNew Delhi. Right from the time when Barack Obama stood up for the race to become Democrat presidential nominee, various claimants in India sprang up demanding to be identified as the “Obama of India”. The latest addition to the list is the Cabinet Minister from Rajasthan – Golma Devi. In fact, supporters of Golma Devi are asking people to call Obama as “Golma of America”. They have submitted a memorandum to the US Consulate demanding the same.

“It was our leader who originally showed the world how troublesome it was to take the oath of secrecy to a public office. Obama tried to copy Golma ma’am but failed miserably, and that’s why he was administered the oath again, unlike in our leader’s case.” Chuli Meena, a BJP turned Congress member and supporter of Golma Devi, told Faking News.

Not only Golma Devi, the oath taking ceremony caused another new claimant to the post of “Obama of India” – BJP leader and Bollywood actor Dharmendra. Dharmpaaji, as he is fondly called by his non-dog supporters, claimed that Obama showed to the whole word that he was not a Muslim, by publicly going to a Church before his inauguration, even though his name had a Muslim name “Hussein”.

“I have been often accused of having a Muslim name – Dilawar Khan – and hence being a secret Muslim. Obama had to face the same malice. What more similarity can you seek between two people other than religious and malicious? Indian votes and party leaders must recognize this and give me my due.” Dharmendra laid the claim.

Faking News readers would remember that last year many claimants to the post had sprung up – Kumari Behen Mayawati, Ram Vilas Paswan, Nitish Kumar, Narendra Modi, Lalu Yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav, and Rahul Gandhi. All of them had their own claim to the post – being a dalit (which was claimed to be equal to being a black), being backward (caste-wise), being progressive (undefined), and being young and fashionable (relatively).

But one claimant had a veteran of Indian politics – Sharad Pawar – had the most interesting claim of being Obama. He claimed to be the first in Indian politics to have risen to oppose a woman with a known surname, whose only major achievement and contribution was being the wife of a former chief executive of the country, just like Obama rose to oppose Hillary Clinton. While Democrats called for a race between Obama and Clinton, Congress showed Pawar the door.

With so many candidates, Faking News editorial team is confused over the legitimacy of the various claimants to the Obama legacy. We appeal to our reader to come up with their judgments or fresh nominations, if any, for the post of “Obama of India”.


Sambha said...

all news channel have proved beyond doubt that our obomba is AR Rehman. firstly he is a muslim and secondly has won, the ultimate prize that every indian worth his salt must to be called the obama of india, a huge pat in the behind from our white masters.
And, I am not talking about the national award/bharat ratna here)

Anonymous said...

A R Rehman was first an hindu you dumb dog

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