Sunday, February 8, 2009

Billu Barber banned in Jamaica

No Barbersim PleaseKingston, Jamaica. Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming film Billu Barber has been banned in Jamaica after many people accused the movie of glorifying a profession that was inimical to local customs. Shahrukh has been asked to apologize to Jamaican people, especially the Rastafarians, for hurting their sentiments.

“Barbers are bad people. If they had their way, they would remove all dreadlocks from the world. They are the main reason why Rastafari movement died as people started sporting new hairstyles invented by them. We can’t allow a movie that glorifies barberism (sic.)” Mob Marley, president of Rastafarian People of Jamaica (RPJ), told Faking News.

According to reports, RPJ has written a letter to Akali Dal of India to support their demands to pressurize Shahrukh Khan into apologizing and getting the movie banned in India as well. RPJ representatives believe that Sikhs, who don’t get their hairs shaved or cut, too must be disliking barbers and would support them in getting the movie off screen in India and maybe in France too.

RPJ members were also banking on the fact that Punjab, where Sikhs are in majority, was one of the first Indian states to ban a Bollywood movie Aaja Nachle for hurting sentiments of a community, and had recently got another Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar to apologize for his movie Singh is Kinng. Also, with religious angle coming into picture, the issue would have attracted political support in India, RPJ hoped.

While Akali Dal was yet to respond to these appeals and suggestions from Rastafarians, the movie Billu Barber did get into trouble in India as ‘The Salon and Beauty Parlours Association’ of India demanded that the word ‘barber’ be dropped from the movie name as it was derogatory. Some of the RPJ members were livid when they got the news that Shahurkh had accepted their demand.

“Their whole profession is derogatory, not just the name. I can’t understand why our sentiments were not respected while their demand was accepted by your superstar. We would not allow any Jamaican player to play for his IPL team Knight Riders. The man will repent.” Mob Marley protested.

Faking News tried to get the reaction of Shahrukh Khan over the whole issue but he declined to talk to us. But our sources confirm that SRK, as Shahrukh is called popularly, has hired an Independent Risk Consulting firm for his upcoming films after the whole episode. His next project was to be titled Mallu Machhuara (the fisherman from Kerala) and could have got into trouble.


Anonymous said...

Mob Marley, true.. in India, get a mob and you can get anything done!

Anonymous said...

Sad but true. A huge issue has been made up when there was none in the first place!

Reminds me of what happened with the Tamil remake of Munnabhai MBBS when Kamal had to bow to pressure from the medical fraternity to drop the 'MBBS' from the title of the Tamil adaptation.

Anonymous said...

Well, with due respect to the cult, I fail to see how the word "barber" in the movie title is derogatory. If anything it is a worldwide publicity for free!Jamaicana revolt.phew! OK,I respect their feelings but have we ever considered the fact that many of the novels in English and even some movies depict Indians as dacoits, stone worshipping dumbs, sorcerers,etc.? I recently read a novel "The Great train robbery" Indubitably it was class apart but I was astonished to see a distorted version of East India company's reign in India. May be 'distortion' does not sufficiently describe the kind of role reversal that was depicted there. Indians were described to be the barbaric crowd and the English were supposed to be the victims. This book sure is released in India, yet no action?

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