Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shahrukh’s mobile stolen, fake SMS sent to many

It wasn't meMumbai. “dada, u r fired. go join politics, sell fish in Kolkata, or dance shirtless with Sallu. I dont need u nemore. ur last chek stands canceled. bye bye.” Former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly was shocked to receive this SMS today morning, as the sender was his IPL team owner Shahrukh Khan. Dada frantically called up Knight Riders managers and SRK’s secretary, and was finally relieved to know that it was some miscreant who had stolen SRK’s mobile phone and was sending fake SMS to various contacts.

Apart from Ganguly, Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh also received an SMS, which claimed that SRK was willing to join his party and fight elections from Mumbai. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi received an SMS informing him that he was hot and SRK liked his dimples when he smiled, while Director Karan Johar recived an SMS with just three words – talaaq talaaq talaaq.

SRK’s mobile was stolen when he was hospitalized for his shoulder operation at Breach Candy hospital. This security breach at the hospital has left the doctors at the hospital shocked, who were otherwise in a mood to celebrate a successful operation on the superstar’s left shoulder. The hospital authorities declined to comment on the development, but we could talk to the security man of the parking area.

“I had told them many times to paste stickers like jebkataron se saawdhaan (beware of pickpockets) or mareez apne saamaan ki suraksha swaym karein (patients should take care of their belongings of their own), but they thought such messages are down-market. Now they’ll have to pay heavy damages to Shahrukh.” R R Patil, one of the security men employed at the hospital, told Faking News.

But it seems Shahrukh is in good mood these days. First he easily agreed to drop the name ‘barber’ from his latest movie “Billu Barber”, and now he has categorically denied any possibility of suing the Breach Candy administration for the security lapse.

“Their job was to operate on my shoulder and not take care of my mobile phone. Inshaallah, everything went all right. I have no complaints against them. I just appeal to the person who has stolen my mobile to not to send any SMS to Amir or Salman. If he can return it, it would be even better.” Shahrukh told.

But SRK’s generosity hasn’t impressed his detractors who think this is just another publicity stunt by the movie star. Such people have started a community/group on orkut and facebook with the name “Shahrukh is a cheater”. Surprisingly, a lot of people have joined these groups as well.

Meanwhile a local lawyer has announced that he’d file a defamation suit against these people for insulting SRK. He also announced filing a case against the undefined mobile thief charging him/her for impersonation, harassment, and compromise on public safety. He might also file a case for theft, if the need be.


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