Thursday, February 26, 2009

Unruly protestors disrupt IIM placements

Harvard StepsAhmedabad. A bunch of protestors barged into the campus of IIM Ahmedabad during the final placements process today and caused the process to be stalled for over four hours. These people, claiming to be members of a little known outfit called Mandi Bhagao Andolan (MBA), which literally means ‘movement to oust recession’, accused IIMs of creating an unfavorable economic scenario in the country. MBA activists have threatened to disrupt the placements again at IIM Ahmedabad and other leading business schools of the country if the placements were not stopped.

“These guys are taking away all the jobs when less and less jobs are available in the market. This will cause even more unemployment and worsen recession. Any self respecting unemployed youth of this country can’t let this shameless process of job grabbing to go on unchecked. If the government doesn’t stop IIMs from committing this loot, we would set things right.” Arjun Singh Muthalik, the spokesperson of MBA, justified the disruption in a press release.

But students of IIM Ahmedabad were not very impressed by this show of strength. They have filed a case in the local police station and asked for protection for the remaining days of the placement process, which gets over within a week.

“Last month some people had come to our campus accusing us of causing the recession, as they thought that global investment banks collapsed due to students like us who worked there. We thought that funny and idiotic, but now this is degenerating into serious threat. We don’t feel safe anymore, even recession couldn’t scare us so much.” A second year student of IIM Ahmedabad told us on conditions of anonymity.

No arrests were made in this connection till reports last came in. In fact, representatives of 'National Commission for the Unemployed' (NCU) have asked the local authorities not to make any arrests in the case. NCU members feel that while the mode of protest by MBA members was ‘a bit naughty’, the ‘root cause’ of the problem must be addressed.

“The students of IIMs have to show compassion for other students in this country who are battling bad times. Our country believes in social justice and IIMs can be no exception to it. Also, it’s the responsibility of the IIM administration to provide security on the campus, not of police.” NCU chairperson Nirmal Venkat told Faking News.

Meanwhile a group of concerned citizens, who were outraged by this disruptive activity by MBA members, have called to send pink slips to Arjun Singh Muthalik. They have created a website to solicit pink slips from all people who were recently handed out the same by their employers.


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