Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why Chand Mohammad dumped Fiza?

Chanda LamhaatChandigarh. Faking News has succeeded in establishing a new standard in investigative journalism by finding out the reasons behind the recent spat between loving-leader Chand Mohammad alias Chander Mohan and adoring-advocate Fiza alias Anuradha Bali. The suddenly sour love-story between the two love-birds had aroused huge public interest and we decided to carry out the investigation in deference to this public interest.

Our sources confirm that Chander Mohan was sent as a spy by his family to Anuradha Bali, who just knew too many things about the family by virtue of being an advocate. Chander Mohan’s family, which is also the family of Bhajan Lal and one of the most influential families of Haryana politics, had confided a lot of secrets to the advocate Anuradha in good faith, but they didn’t know that Anuradha was actually carrying out a sting operation on them.

When the Bhajan Lal family came to know about Anuradha’s stinging steps, they decided to perform a reverse sting operation on her. They convinced Chander Mohan, at that time the deputy Chief Minister of Haryana, to trap Anuradha in his love and destroy any evidences that she might have amassed against the family. A leading Bollywood script-writer and director was hired to guide Chander Mohan in this reverse sting operation.

Everything went according to the script and finally Anuradha Bali was won over by Chander Mohan’s fake love. Chander Mohan started pressurizing her to get married as soon as possible. Being an advocate, Anuradha thought of converting to Islam as Hindu marriage laws would have required adhering to a lot of pre-marital steps before they got married. She didn’t know that she was further getting caught in the trap by finding this short-cut. Finally they married as Muslims and went honeymooning like movie stars.

During the honeymoon period, Chander Mohan or Chand Mohammad, used to search all the belongings of Anuradha Bali or Fiza, when she slept and moon was out in the sky during the night. If only Fiza would have understood that the Muslim name ‘Chand’ i.e. moon had a clue to the whole conspiracy. The hired Bollywood script-writer had provisioned for this clue out of habit. Fiza slept peacefully while Chand shone at his job.

Finally when Chand Mohammad got all the documents, CDs, clothes, cash, etc. that could have acted as admissible evidence against his family in a court of law, he did the vanishing act. He dumped Fiza after faking a rediscovered love for his earlier wife and children. Fiza woke up to see a bright sun that almost blinded her sight.

Faking News was threatened by a movie company against publishing this report as they wanted to make a Bollywood film out of this plot, but we decided to ignore the threats and bring out the truth to the public.


Sambha said...

I believe you.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if this is the truth but for sure would make a block buster movie with the right starcast and a tight screenplay.

Anonymous said...

obviously this IS the truth. what're you wondering'bout?

Anonymous said...

Matured love !!!!!!!imatured Story line!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Typical case of Punjab, Haryana & megapolis.

Were you a teenager to get duped by a married man? Don't you think what you did by insulting two religious faith for your carnal and selfish needs, you deserve what you are getting. You should be punished much more for spoiling the life of one woman and her kids.

she is doing nothing but trying for MLA/MP. but should we choose this type of woman as public representative??? Never.

As well people of Haryana should push this immoral politician (Chander Mohan) out of politics.

Anonymous said...

faking news rocks!!!

Blah said...

And now Chand and Fiza are back together!!! Their love story is hilarious... I guess Chand is back for more documents, which he foolishly left the first time

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