Sunday, March 8, 2009

BJP buys rights of “Emotional Atyachar”

Mo.DNew Delhi. After Congress bought the rights of the British-Bollywood movie Slumdog Millionaire song “Jai Ho”, BJP has decided to pay their political opponent in the same coin. The saffron party has bought the rights of all the songs of recent Bollywood hit Dev.D, especially the superhit song “Emotional Atyachar”. BJP would be playing songs of Dev.D during their election campaign to mobilize their supporters and win over youth of the country.

“BJP has always preferred desi (indigenous) over foreign stuff and hence we decided to use songs of a movie which was cent percent Indian. Dev.D was a unanimous choice as its songs were a hit and Indian youth liked the movie. We are going to unleash Emotional Atyachar all over the country (sic.) soon.” BJP spokesperson Prakash Javdekar told Faking News.

Mr. Javdekar denied the rumors that BJP MP and ex-filmstar Dharmendra, who is also the uncle of Dev.D star Abhay Deol, helped the party clinch the deal.

“Dharmendraji has got nothing to do with it. In fact, he wanted us to buy the rights of his favorite film Sholay and campaign everywhere by climbing over water tanks. But our party decided against it, having seen the results of a contemporary use of Sholay by Ram Gopal Varma.” Javdekar clarified.

Experts believe that by using Dev.D songs, BJP is also trying to change its perception of being against pub-going people after some women were attacked in a pub in the BJP ruled state of Karnataka. Gujarat, another BJP stronghold, is already a dry state. With the protagonist of Dev.D being a heavy drinker, BJP is hoping to reach out to pub-going crowd, experts claim.

“After Vijay Mallya bough Gandhiji’s spectacles and slippers in an auction, liquor drinking is no longer seen as an anathema. BJP is trying to shed its anti-liquor image, and thus also getting rid of its anti-Gandhi image in the process. Dev.D is just a tool to achieve these.” claimed Surendra Yadav, a leading pollster often seen on Indian television news channels during elections.

But Congress is least amused by BJP’s move. The party has claimed that BJP is trying to spoil the youth of this country by projecting the Dev.D protagonist, who drinks heavily and consumes opium and drugs, as symbol of today’s youth.

“We want youth of this country to become millionaires while BJP wants them to become drunkards and junkies. But we think the song Emotional Atyachar goes well with BJP. They raise only emotional issues and commit atyachar (atrocities) on minorities wherever the rule.” Congress leader Digvijay Singh quipped, matching Narendra Modi’s sarcastic comment on use of the song Jai Ho by Congress.

As expected, BJP has rubbished all such claims and speculations, and blamed Congress of fooling people of the country by making false claims on success of Slumdog Millionaire and purchase of Gandhiji’s belongings in an auction. The party denied that Dev.D could drive youth to alcoholism.

“Congress is a champion in misrepresenting facts. Dev.D is all about triumph of Indian culture over foreign way of life (sic.) and not about alcoholism. Youth of this country have been shown false dreams of becoming overnight millionaires by Congress and given unemployment in reality. Congress will be rejected by youth of this country.” Prakash Javdekar claimed.

Further riding on the Dev.D bandwagon, BJP has also decided to use a new spelling for the name of its star campaigner Narendra Modi – Mo.D


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religion is the opium of masses - Marx.D

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