Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who will become Prime Minister of India?

New Delhi. Faking News has finally decided to take off the polls to find out worst Hindi and English News channels of India as the data was not showing any different trend for many weeks now and the positions of different news channels seem to have been more or less fixed. The earlier report on the worst news channel of India stands updated and the poll is declared closed now.

But what polls should replace them? Of course politics, after all general elections are coming! With inputs from our special correspondent Chhuchhundarbaba, we have started two new polls –

1. “Who will become the Prime Minister of India?”

  • L K Advani
  • Manmohan Singh
  • Mayawati
  • Pagal Patrakar
  • Me, I too have a party

    2. “Who do you think has maximum support?”

  • Casteist parties
  • Communal parties
  • Communist parties
  • Corrupt parties
  • Crow Party

    You can see these polls from now on at the bottom of the homepage of Faking News and voting will continue till May 31st 2009. We want to categorically deny that it is any kind of opinion poll using scientific data, which can influence people’s decision to vote in the actual elections, and hence the Election Commission of India’s ban on opinion polls doesn’t apply to us.


    crowman said...

    1. “Who will become the Prime Minister of India?”
    me its me, I am going to start a party tomorrow.

    2. “Who do you think has maximum support?”
    Corrupt parties

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