Monday, April 20, 2009

IPL security measures suspect after dog infiltration

black dogCape Town, South Africa. Preparations and arrangement for the second edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) were done within such a short span of time that it even filled its critics with awe. But now some chinks in the armor have started showing up. Floodlights malfunctioned, the official website crashed, and the most shocking part was the security breach by a black dog during the inaugural match of Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings match.

It should be recalled that IPL was shifted out of India due to security concerns but with this instance of a black dog invading the ground, the worst fears of people have again come alive. Although security officials seemed dogged to take on any security threats, the incident has caused a lot of discomfort to the cricketers and game followers.

“It was a strange dog. It refused to go away. I even tried to throw the ball towards it so that it fetches it and in the process gets caught, but it didn’t do that. Clearly the dog’s behavior was suspect and the incident must be probed. I don’t know if they are interrogating it for further clues.” Chennai Super Kings player Manpreet Gony shared his experiences.

No group has claimed responsibility for the infiltration by the dog beyond the boundary line. Even though match was held up for more than twelve minutes, security officials have ruled out any foul play. But experts believe that the dog could have been a potential bomb or even a terrorist.

“You never know. They can strap bombs on the dog and make it a suicide bomber. Terrorists have done all kinds of things in the past, there is no reason to disbelieve that such a thing can’t happen. This is a serious security lapse and Lalit Modi owes an explanation to the country and the cricketing world.” Bombphat Guha, an expert of terror activities in cricket, told Faking News.

So was it a fidaayeen dog? The scary idea has left deep scars on the psyche of many people who now feel that they are secure nowhere in the world and the world is going to dogs.

“Today it is a dog, tomorrow it could be anything, anyone, ummm.. a cat! Yes, tomorrow it could be a cat. How will security official catch a cat when they couldn’t catch a dog? And god forbid if it’s a rabbit or a deer? We are not safe at all and it all happened because we allowed Indian subcontinent shit to happen in our country.” Darke Marey, a local resident told.

The incident, being called ‘doggate’ by Indian media, has also opened up security concerns of various kinds. The cheerleaders have started feeling insecure about further infiltration of fundamentalist forces on the ground, while some non-cheerleading women have complained that Lalit Modi smiles just too often at them making them feel insecure. Men have also expressed insecurity over Mandira Bedi’s wardrobe and style.

Kings XI Punjab bowler S Sreesanth too has expressed security concerns ahead of his team’s match against Mumbai Indians on 29th April. He believes that outings against Mumbai Indians are always fraught with dangers for people on the field, especially for him. Last year he was slapped and left inconsolable in tears by Mumbai Indians’ bowler Harbhajan Singh, and this year he fears that the canine threat might return to the field again.


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