Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Men’s right group demand ban on condoms

Boys Are StupidParis, France. A group of masculinists, operating under an organization called MOTA (Men On Top Association), have demanded a ban on condoms on grounds of it being a sign of ‘subservience’. These masulinists plan to meet President Nicolas Sarkozy to apprise him of their concerns. MOTA activists have also appealed to the media and civil associations in other countries to take up the matter in their respective nations and get rid of condoms, which they refer to as ‘labyrinth of latex’.

“No man wants to wear condoms of his own, even the academia acknowledges it, then why are millions of men all around the world made to wear it daily? It’s the right to free choice that is at risk here. Condoms deprive men of their dignity and identity. It’s a sign of debasement.” MOTA chief Farren Warrell called for a universal ban on condoms.

Activists claim that the world is just too insensitive to men’s rights and men have been at the receiving end from the society for long e.g. only men are recruited to get killed in the army in each nation. These activists favor use of ‘equitable’ methods for birth control as they deem condoms as being ‘discriminatory’.

“Condoms are not sign of birth control; they are a sign of control over men’s desires and freedom. France has always taken steps to defend individual freedom and has discouraged signs of discrimination and degradation such as burqa (veil). It’s high time condoms are banned too.” Mr. Warrell argued.

But not all men are impressed with the demand. While some of them accepted that they didn’t particularly enjoy wearing condoms, they argued that condoms were still required to protect themselves against various risks like AIDS and abrasion (sic). A few of them also claimed that they actually enjoyed wearing condoms and it was, in fact, a sign of their masculinity.

“Mr. Warrell has gone mad. What does he know about condoms and masculinity? Has he ever used them? Condoms are not just about birth control, they improve your self-respect. He has denigrated condoms and manhood both. I demand an unconditional apology otherwise he’d have to face dangerous consequences.” a condom supporter told Faking News.


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