Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shahrukh in first gay Bond movie?

Gay BondMumbai. Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan could figure as the first 'Bond Guy' when British secret agent James Bond turns gay in the next movie, sources say. The rumors about Ian Fleming’s world famous spy turning gay has been doing rounds since the latest James Bond actor Daniel Craig had expressed confidence a couple of years back that fans would accept James Bond in a gay scene.

It was also believed that an Indian actress could play the role of the next Bond Girl, with Slumdog Millionaire actress Freida Pinto being the latest frontrunner, but it seems that Shahrukh Khan has beaten all the girls in the race to become Bond’s love interest. Sources say that by casting Shahrukh in a gay Bond movie, the producers have accomplished a masterstroke as the move could take James Bond movies’ appeal to two new groups – Indians and Gays.

“For long they have talked about Bond turning gay or an Indian playing Bond’s love interest, this is a beautiful way to realize both of the aspirations of the fans. I think the movie would be a sure shot success, though it will be difficult to tell the deciding factor of the success i.e. whether an Indian lover or being gay helped Bond. This would be one of the g(r)ay areas.” noted film critic Pan Pasand told Faking News.

Sources say that the Gay Bond movie would have Daniel Craig playing the lead role and could be titled one of these – The Man with the Golden Bum, The Spy Who Shoved Me, For Your Thighs Only, The Girl is not Enough, or Never Gay Ever Again.

Shahrukh Khan was not available for comment on the news, but another Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan questioned the decision to cast Shahrukh in the movie as he thought that Abhishek Bachchan or John Abraham were best suited for the role after they played gays on screen in Dostana, a movie no less sensitive about gay issues than Milk. Mr. Bachchan called it a typical white mentality to disrespect domestic talent and thrust their bias upon Indians.

But Indian fans and Indian gays are happy over the possibility of seeing Shahrukh Khan in a Bond movie, and told that they would definitely visit multiplexes whenever the movie is produced and released and make it a mega hit.


sambha said...

finally !! now SRK can be himself, he does not have to act. this is a big relief for him after his life long gay partner Karan Johar ditched him for John Abraham in Dostana. And on top of this, Sourav Da showed his who the real man is ( in IPL) !!

Anonymous said...

Any doubts..... SRK is already gay and his partner Karan Johar. Y the hell he is not married till now? Even though this is faking news this, reallity is that SRK and Karan Johar are gay partners. LOL :)

Anonymous said...

they look such a nice couple, is there a nude scene togethr?

Anonymous said...

Now atleast SRGAY will make a good movie no need to pretend anything....this will be all natural for him... =))

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

An insider from BW reports & just to sum it all up;
- SRK not born Gay, but is converted to being Gay. Gauri & SRK are in a fake relationship, as Gauri who has got such a low esteem (else she would separated from gay SRK) she needs money & money......that's why she lives with him but sleeps in a separate room. Some even spotted Gauri with another girl, they were making it out in some car park.
- Akshay Kumar is having a long lasting affair with Rocky S (since a few years!!). Also, now understandable why he did Gay movie DOSTI and worked with Darshan who is a well known gay director.
- Susmita Sen is a keep of Anil Ambani.
- Ashwaria slept with big B before her marriage with Abhi and also with Ghai, Mani Ratnam, Rahul Rawail..............list is endless (is Abhi blind?!).
- Rani & Preity have slept with both Yash Johar and Yash Raj to get big movies.
- Preity also asks one of the highest prices in BW to spend 1 night with her (no wonder N.Wadia left her cold feet).
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- Rimi Sen is a keep of Priadarshan
- Raj Kumar Santoshi kicked out Mamta from BW as she no longer wanted to be his keep. He is well known for sleeping with actresses before singing them up for his movies.
- Madhuri slept her way up and up to the top...No wonder she escaped to US to avoid looks by Fatso Smelly & Ugly Directors/ Producers/ Financiers who reminded her that she once had slept with them.
- John was spotted by Karan and SRK during Gladrags...........I rest my case, no wonder how he gained 3-some entrance into BW :).
- Katrina Kaif slept around with Boom's Director/ Producers/ Financiers, then slept with Salman who introduced her furthermore to underworld & Sheiks in Dubai. She is a regular in Dubai and earns well by sleeping around with rich Sheiks and doing Private Strip shows.
- Shilpa Shetty, now married but apparently has done South Porn film(s?) years ago. When she was considered a Flop actress she made money by sleeping with Sheiks in Dubai also.
- Ekta Kapoor is Lesbian
- Tusshar Kapoor is Gay
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- Manisha Lamba was a keep by Samir Khan
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- Deepkia & Vijay Mallya. He gave her a break by introducing to the SRK clan....She too has a dirty reputation of sleeping around for anyone who pays her bills, buys her houses/cars and she is especially known for having flings with International rich business men.

*** Sorry If we have forgotten anyone out of this list, but you know who YOU are :-))) ***

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