Saturday, June 6, 2009

Women Reservation Bill gets support through Rudaali

RudaaliNew Delhi. A group of women have threatened to perform relentless rudaali (professional mourning and wailing) in front of the parliament house if the house doesn’t pass the long pending Women Reservation Bill. The bill aims to reserve one third of parliamentary seats for women and has met opposition mainly from various non-women members of the house since it was introduced for the first time.

The threat to perform relentless rudaali has come as a reaction to the threat of committing suicide by a national non-woman leader called Sharad Yadav. Mr. Yadav had threatened to swallow poison pills inside the parliament if the bill was passed. Women groups threatening rudaali have criticized Mr. Yadav for adopting such means.

“The men opposing the women’s reservation bill are not only denying the basic rights to the women, but they are even taking away our basic means to protest. Threat of committing suicide, threat of not taking food, threat of not talking – all these are means of women for protesting. Now these men are not only systematically seizing these means, but even denying us the compensation in shape of reservation.” Rudal Yadav, one of the rudaali mourning volunteers expressed anguish.

The group has given an ultimatum of 100 days to the central government and the parliament to pass the bill, failing which a relentless rudaali would be started in front of the parliament. Slowly such rudaalis would be performed in different parts of the country as well to protest the killing of the bill by the parliament. The group has called on women volunteers in different parts of the country to organize in the coming 100 days.


Anonymous said...

what an idea sirjee.. some women group members must read it and actually implement it!

Anonymous said...

There has been hue and cry about women reservation bill and some modifications in it for a long time now but i think that such a law itself should not exist. A person (in this case a Man) who has worked for his constituency throughout life will suddenly find that he is not allowed to contest election from that constituency because it is reserved for women. This is really ridiculous in democracy and is definitely biased against men. Shortcuts are not always good. If women want to come to parliament then they should fight in a democratic way with men. This will give them more respect. NCW and other women organizations are misusing the enormous power being bestowed to them and even the media now are acting irresponsibly. When the OBC quota was introduced the media was responsible enough to show both sides of it. But now even they are biased and are blaming politicians in delaying the passage of the bill. This is a sad situation wherein talent and people's will are given a second seat. The advocacy of such a law shows immaturity and lack of responsibility on the part of its supporters. I hope such a law should not be passed so that any capable PERSON can contest election from the constituency of his/her choice.

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