Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gays get their own political party

Indian HomosexualsBengaluru. A new political party has been formed to work for homosexual rights in India. Formation of Bhartiya Samlaingik Party (BSP) was announced here by Gays and Lesbian Association of India. The new party will contest next general elections and field its candidates from all parts of India.

“BSP candidates would not necessarily be homosexuals, but we’d prefer and encourage homosexuals to come out in open and fight elections.” founding president of the BSP Ahmed Anju Iyer told a jampacked press conference.

BSP also declared three central issues around which its political camping will revolve – Abrogation of Section 377 of Indian Penal Code, Formation of a Homosexual Personal Law, and Building a grand mall/multiplex in Bengaluru for central activities of homosexuals in India that will be called Golmall (gays or lesbians mall).

Mr. Iyer also warned that homosexuals would no longer tolerate victimization of their community and disrespect shown to their beliefs. He claimed that homosexuals were the most discriminated against minority group in India.

“How could the central government file an affidavit in Delhi High Court arguing that we are social vice and pervert mind? No minority group has been victim of this degree. The government had withdrawn their affidavit questioning existence of Lord Ram under pressure of Hindus. BSP will form such a pressure group for homosexual rights.” Mr. Iyer explained the political agenda.

Mr. Iyer even threatened that if victimization and criminal branding of homosexuals doesn’t stop, they would be forced to become terrorists. He told that he has come to know of a group that has been formed to present the militant face of homosexuality. The group is called Homosexual Initiative for Militancy in India (HIMI).

When journalists asked whether he was getting into unlawful activities through HIMI and talks of terrorism, Mr. Iyer refuted these charges as baseless.

“HIMI is not directly associated with us and we don’t know who members of HIMI are. It might well be a conspiracy to defame homosexuals, we don’t know. But threat of terrorism looms large. Going by the statements of present leaders in the government, I guess we can safely assume that there is a right to terrorism for a victimized minority group, and some of us may make use of that right.” Mr. Iyer told.

Mr. Iyer was candid enough to admit that absence of a common religion among homosexuals was the main reason why Indian homosexuals have not been able to form a pressure group or carry terrorist attacks. He claimed that recent initiatives by Church in West to have special churches for homosexuals were attempts to convert homosexuals, and at the same time keep them in a ghetto.

The manifesto and constitution of BSP will be released next week and currently the thrust will be to induct new members.


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wonderful satire! keep it up guys!!

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