Monday, March 16, 2009

Book authored by an internet bot launched

I too can write a bookMumbai. “Athrah baras ka main”, a book authored by a bot i.e. an automated software application, was released in a star-studded ceremony here today. The book is written in Hindi and is a work of fiction telling the story of an Indian boy who could freeze the process of his biological and mental ageing at the age of eighteen. The story has been written by an internet bot named i2writev3.1 that was programmed by an unknown software engineer a few years back.

“It’s a wonderful book and a very original story. I guess we need more of such experiments in India to produce quality literature in Indian languages, especially Hindi. I’m tempted to make a movie out of it, let me tell you.” renowned Bollywood director Karan Khan, who was also the chief guest of the book launch ceremony, told Faking News.

The author, being a software program, was not available for the comment, but publishers of the book expressed hoped that this will start a new trend in India and inspire new writers to write books. The book has been published by Sasta Sahitya Sangrahalaya and it retains the full ownership, copyright and distribution rights over “Athrah baras ka main”. The book has been priced at rupees 67.39 rupees per copy.

While everyone present at the launch ceremony welcomed the new book, it also drew serious flak from some critics who slammed the book for being clich├ęd and non-original. Many experts believed that the book was a rip-off from the Bryan Adams song “18 till I die”, but refused to explain the basis of their belief.

“Such kinds of books have been written, rewritten, and written over again in Hindi for long time now. Hind readers deserve better. Such kind of stuff must not be promoted and encouraged.” Nirmala Neeraj, a Hindi book critic voiced her concern.

Critics also expressed dismay and lack of hope over any possibility that situation could improve in near future. Our sources confirm that the bot i2writev3.1 has been copied by many Bollywood movie producers who want it to write scripts and screenplay for their next movies to save costs in times of global economic slowdown.


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I was the programmer who designed it, I should get the royalty !!

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