Friday, February 20, 2009

Google to launch applications for terrorists

Google BlownUpCalifornia, USA. Google Inc., the leading service provider in online domain, has announced its intentions to launch various applications for terrorists. The applications range from search engines to find possible terror targets to a social networking website exclusively for terrorists. The move is seen to exploit the trend of growing numbers of terrorists, especially tech savvy terrorists, around the world.

“Terrorism is here to stay. We might run out of doctors and pastors, but we would always find terrorists around. It has a global appeal. It’s a growing market, unless aliens or communists get back to earth.” Google co-founder Larry Page told Faking News.

One of the applications to be released has been named as “Google BlownUp”. The application allows a terrorist to draw 3-D models of target buildings and find the right places and strategy to blow them up. The application simulates the actual impact of explosives used and returns the estimated number of casualties.

Realizing that India could be the most lucrative market for its new applications, Google has added some India specific features in its applications such as quick links to Human Rights groups and 'RSS' feeds for getting latest information.

Currently Google is expecting to earn revenue through advertising through these applications. Many USA based companies dealing in arms and defense technologies have already pledged millions of dollars of advertisement to Google for terrorist applications.

Sources say that later Google can introduce higher level of services and make them available on paid basis only. Such services could include search for potential recruits among non-terrorist user base and access to various security agencies’ database. Terrorists would also be able to search for and network with political advocates and religious leaders on pay-per-use basis in future.

“This is a wonderful step by Google. Our work would become very fast and we would be able to carry on our operations much effectively once these applications are launched.” Al-Qaida’s chief marketing officer Al-Billi Mousea told us through an email.

Governments and security agencies around the world are currently tight lipped about the development and are refusing to comment.


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