Monday, September 22, 2008

Government allows FDI in domestic security

New Delhi. Central government has announced that from 2nd October onward, domestic security sector would be open for 49% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Coming on heels of the announcement to allow same level of FDI in defense sector, the step has already created a political controversy. The main opposition party BJP has termed the decision as suicidal for the country.

“We are not against FDI, but this government is taking a wrong approach. When we would come to power, we would relook, redefine, and renegotiate the FDI terms and norms for domestic security.” Party leader L K Advani told Faking News. Advani refused to comment on the Faking News exclusive news that Vajpayee could be running for prime minister’s post in next elections.

Communist parties, who had played a major and vital role in forming the present government, has announced to run a civil disobedience movement starting 2nd October to oppose the proposed step.

“This is complete surrender to foreign and capitalist powers, we would continue opposing the government tooth and nail.” CPM leader Brinda Karat told Faking News on phone. She is in China to take part in seminar to brainstorm global milk production across international borders.

But police and administrative departments seem to be happy with the government decision. It should be noted that with such a step, foreign security agencies and intelligence groups can buy stakes in local police departments. Sources say that Delhi Police and Gujarat Police are the most sought after departments by CIA and FBI to buy a stake in.

“There was already 100% FDI (foreign direct involvement) in terrorist activities in the country, in such a situation, allowing FDI in domestic security is a logical and welcome step.” Delhi Police Commissioner YS Dadwal opined.

Although Samajwadi Party is a supporting the government, one of its leaders is terming the step as a conspiracy to make quick bucks. Party leader Abu Azmi showed us the e-mail account of Dadwal to prove his point. In ‘sent mails’ folder, Dadwal has written to Lehman Brothers to underwrite Delhi Police’s books and value it for a possible buyout by NYPD.

“By Allah’s grace, Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, otherwise these anti-Muslim forces would have sold the Delhi Police department within days to America.” Abu Azmi thundered. He claimed that the recent shoot-out at Jamia Nagar in Delhi was a fake encounter aimed at pushing up the valuations of Delhi Police, which is expecting to fetch the maximum price in possible buyout deals. Mr. Azmi refused to divulge to us how he got access to the email account of Mr. Dadwal.

When Faking News contacted Samajwadi Party general secretary Mr. Amar Sigh to get the official reaction of the party, he told us to wait for sometime as party is studying the ramifications of the step. Amar Singh could meet former President Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam to get some clarity.

Common man on the street was a bit confused about the whole issue. An Indian TV channel flashed the news that post foreign acquisition, local police departments can have blonde traffic police officers who would control traffic donning the attire of cheerleaders. The news was reportedly received very enthusiastically by Television Ravaged People (TRP).

Meanwhile domestic markets reacted positively to the news. After having witnessed fall in indices following credit crunch crisis of American financial industry, BSE and NSE bounced back today to end at month high figures.


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