Thursday, September 25, 2008

Greg Chappell arrested for espionage

Jaipur. Former Indian cricket coach and current coach of Australia, Greg Chappell was arrested by Rajasthan Police here in the wee hours of today. Chappell is reported to have been sleeping in his hotel room at the time of arrest. He has been charged with professional espionage and breaking the non-competing clause of his contract with BCCI.

Police recovered a broken bottle of Fosters beer, two pairs of tricolored socks, woo-doo dolls of controversial Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh and former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly, and thirty five VCDs of Indian cricketers, apparently shot by a hidden camera. Police refused to divulge what exactly was captured in the VCDs, saying investigations were on.

The arrest has sent shock waves in Australian camp. “I fear Indian police more than the terrorists now. Tomorrow I could be arrested for breaking some IPL contract or under other flimsy charges. India is playing dirty games.” Australian captain Ricky Ponting told Faking News.

Cricket Australia officials were not available for comment as they told they were studying the legal aspects of the development. Faking News has learnt that some officials in Cricket Australia were actually happy with development as they thought it to be nemesis for Chappell who had deserted Australia in 1977 to join World Series Cricket.

Faking News is trying to get a copy of the contract between Chappell and BCCI to find out the reported ‘non-competing’ clause. As BCCI refused to provide us the documents, Faking News is mulling over use of RTI. Our lawyers are exploring the possibility if RTI can be used against a non-governmental body such as BCCI.

Meanwhile Indian news channels celebrated the development, with one channel terming the arrest as “jaasoos pe kasaa shikanja” (spy has been caged). This leading channel actually could have a live phone-in from Greg Chappell after his arrest (it’s still not known how could Chappell has access to mobile while in custody).

The anchor of the news channel asked Chappell if it was unprofessional on his part to join a competitor of a team that employed him. Chappell is reported to have answered, “Mr. Anchor, as far as I remember, last time when you had talked to me you were employed with Channel X, now you have joined its competitor Channel Y, why should you too not be arrested?”

The phone to disconnected at this point of time and the anchor declared that Chappell was evading the real issues and instead raising unrelated topics to cover his crimes.


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