Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bush does a 123 with Zardari, solves financial crisis

Washington, D.C. George Bush has done a 321 on India again. George gave in to repeated tantrums from Asif Ali Zardari to sign an India-clone 123 with Pakistan. George mentioned that Pakistan is a long standing ally and Asif is such a sweet kid. But, the Paki-123 is purely a business deal based on sound economics and nothing else.

Chairman of the Financial Meltdown, Bean Bernanke, said that first we must understand the roots of the on going financial crisis. There is a severe liquidity crunch in the market as there are not enough dollar bills going around to meet the requirements of all Americans. To make matters worse, developing nations like India and China are consuming more than ever and need more dollar bills to spend. A long term solution to the financial crisis is to print more dollar bills to satisfy this humongous world appetite for dollars. But American press is already operating at its full capacity and cannot print more dollars. Setting up a new printing facility would take two years and the world would have ended by then.

In comes President Zardari with a readymade solution. Pakistan Bank Note Press has been printing Indian currency since 1747 and continued to do so after independence. Zardari offered to convert these Presses to print US dollars overnight. He mentioned that their technology is world class and no one would know that the notes were printed in Pakistan. After all, it took India 60 years to distinguish Pakistani printed Indian Rupee notes from the Indian printed ones. He also offered to stop printing Pakistani currency altogether, if needed.

George Bush declared victory in War on Financial meltdown and was off too Texas for a vacation. He insisted that like the Indian-123, Pakistan would not need any sensitive printing technology from US to execute this change over. He also assured that notes would be made available to distressed homeowners at less than half of their printed value.

There were widespread celebrations in Pakistan as the news broke. 47 people were killed and 303 injured by the time this report was compiled.

Faking News thanks our reader Gabbar (not his real name) from Indore for contributing this article.


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