Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shivraj has Sonia's blessings

New Delhi. One day after Faking News proved beyond doubt that Home Minister Shivraj Patil was completely innocent in ‘cloth changing’ scam, this confidence has been reposed by the central government in the Home Minister. All the speculations that he would be asked to resign have proved to be fake.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News yet again, Home Minister told that he has been vindicated. “I never did anything wrong and fortunately our leader Sonia Gandhi believes it.” Shivraj Patil sighed a relief.

When asked by Faking News why should Sonia Gandhi’s opinion matter to him more than anyone else’s, Shivraj Patil laughed at our innocent question.

“Sonia Ji is the tallest personality today in India, she has the goodwill and confidence of millions of Indians. Being under Sonia Ji is a matter of pride for me.” Home Minister informed us.

Inquisitive by nature, Faking News decided to probe the matter even further to find out if indeed Sonia Gandhi was the tallest personality. We were more confused about it as Mr. Patil himself is a very tall personality.

It seems Mr. Patil could understand our predicament and hence he shared with us a picture, which we have published at the end of this report for the benefit of our readers. It proves (yet again) beyond doubt that Ms. Sonia Gandhi indeed is a towering personality as seen by Mr. Shivraj Patil. Faking News thanks our home minister who has immaculate ability to understand what a common man thinks and wants.

Shivraj under Sonia


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