Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scam unearthed in Aamir Khan's TV show

Mumbai. A major political and moral storm was brewing today when the news of a twin brother-sister duo faking to be a married couple came to light. The accused duo is reported to have acted this scandalizing way in order to win the grand finale award of 10 Crores rupees (around 2.5 Million US Dollars) from reality show “Tata Sky Humroop Humsafar”.

The regular readers of Faking News would know that this reality show is hosted by film star Aamir Khan and was started to promote Tata Sky DTH service. The format of the show is to invite couples who have striking facial similarities (remember Aamir Khan played both the roles of husband and wife in the first TV commercial for Tata Sky) and they are quizzed about each other’s taste and preferences.

The winner of the show was supposed to get a cash award of 10 Crores rupees after Aamir would play, quiz and chat with dozens of couple participants. The accused couple had reached the final round of the show along with two more couples. Their reality has come as a rude shock to citizens of India who were voting for their choice of winner couple.

“This is indeed shameful, all through the show they behaved like husband and wife when they actually were siblings, I feel cheated” a visibly upset Aamir Khan told Faking News.

The accused couple, who actually are twin brother and sister, hail from Midnapore district of West Bengal and are extremely poor. We are not disclosing their names to protect their privacy.

(Oh hell, all you guys watched them on TV, ain’t it? Okay, so Faking News editorial team has decided to disclose their identity.)

The accused couple’s names are Shahid and Sakina. They belong to extremely poor family and had lost their parents in childhood when their parents were killed in 1993 Mumbai communal riots. Now all these vital facts are giving rise to a heated political debate in India.

A mufti from Azamgarh has issued fatwa and declared the acts of Shahid and Sakina as unislamic and bringing disrepute to the Muslim community. Mufti has also castigated Aamir Khan for hosting shows where couples are asked private questions in public. He has suggested blackening the face of Aamir Khan, flogging Shahid with 100 lashes in pubic, and beheading Sakina.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has declared that actually Shahid and Sakina are Bangladeshi infiltrators, and they have ganged up with Aamir Khan to inject moral corruption in Indian (Hindu) society. VHP maintains that it’s not a new thing for siblings to get married among Muslim community, but such a trend can’t be tolerated by Hindus.

Mr. Bhomish Roy, professor of sociology at JNU, has suggested that poverty and incest are directly correlated and the society has to come down from the moral high ground and look at the whole matter objectively.

Mamaji Productions, the producers of the reality show, refused to comment on the whole issue saying their lawyers and public relations consultants are taking a look at the whole affair.

An Indian television news channel has kicked off a campaign ‘Sharm Karo Sakina’ (shame on you Sakina) and is soliciting SMSs from people to voice opinion on such a dangerous trend.

Meanwhile Shahid and Sakina were weeping inconsolably when Faking News reporter contacted them. Shahid told us that he needed money to marry off Sakina to a good family and start some small business of his own. They realized that they should not have taken this short cut to make money, but they thought television was never to be taken seriously.


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