Sunday, October 5, 2008

Amar Singh to sue Google

Lucknow. It seems it’s a week for sending legal notices. After some organizations decided to send legal notices to Indian television news channels, now Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh is consulting his lawyers to send legal notice to internet search giant Google.

The reason for such a possible step by Amar Singh is the kind of search results that Google returned when some people tried to search for “amar singh” in Google search. Following is a screenshot of such a search result that Faking News has obtained from Amar Singh’s office:

amar singh search results

Amar Singh suspects the hand of BJP supporters behind this mischief. He told that BJP supporters had similarly spammed the internet world with fake news of Rahul Gandhi raping a girl some time back, and now the same group is trying to attack him.

“Communal forces have ganged up to defame me and soon they will be exposed. I have various CDs and internet links to expose them, hence I’m warning them to stop stooping to such low level.” Amar Singh told Faking News. He also recited some Urdu couplet to prove his point which our reporter forgot while filing this story.

Faking News tried to contact Google for a reaction but they refused to comment on the development.


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