Friday, October 3, 2008

Indian news channels sent legal notices

New Delhi. Australian sports television network Channel Nine has sent legal notices to major national news channels of India for using geometrical shapes and other graphics while telecasting news. Channel Nine claims that the technology and method of using geometrical shapes or graphics were first used by them in cricket telecasts, and now Indian news channels are using the same technology without paying royalty or credit to them.

“Cricket crazy citizens of India can well recall that we were the first people to use geometrical shapes like circle or ovals to point out a cricketer on television screen who was being talked about by the commentators. We were also the first to use graphics like arrows or numbers to show and count slip fielders, etc.” Channel Nine legal officer Indiana Newzing told Faking News.

News CircleMr. Newzing alleged that today Indian news channels are using this trademark method of Channel Nine profusely and shamelessly. He warned that Indian channels must stop putting circles around people’s faces or pointing arrows towards persons or things on screen without crediting Channel Nine for the same and paying a royalty fee.

Channel Nine is currently collecting various video clips and screenshots of different news channels that have put circles around people or have used other means of the technology that originally belongs to them. The company plans to hire the best lawyer in India to win the case.

Meanwhile Faking News has learnt from its sources that this may be just the beginning of troubles for Indian news channels as various other groups are consulting legal experts to send similar notices or file damage suits against news channels.

News Arrow

News NumbersOne such group is AFVSI (Association of Fish and Vegetable Sellers of India). AFVSI claims that the present style of news reading by many channels resembles the style of selling fish or vegetable in markets of small cities of India. AFVSI informed Faking News that their sellers used to scream and shriek to attract buyers’ attention claiming their fishes or vegetables to be exclusive and latest in the market. Association claims that the present news channels have used this marketing style without consulting them and have actually brought disrepute to the style.

“We no longer scream and shriek the same way as we feel ashamed now. It seems we are not selling fish or vegetables but news! It’s very disappointing that they first plagiarized our marketing style and then put a bad name to it.” AFVSI chief Lallan Kumar expressed his anguish.

Similarly entertainment channels and production houses are planning to sue the news channels for using their products without paying them. Balaji Telefilms chief Ms. Ekta Kapoor explained, “we take risk and do research to produce finest of programs and our product is used for free by news channels to sell their air-time. They are earning without spending on production. They have to know that there is nothing called free lunch in this world.”

But news channels seem unperturbed by these developments. CEO of a leading news channel, on conditions of anonymity, told Faking News that they are least bothered.

“We know there is nothing like free lunch. Ekta should also know that. We are actually providing free marketing to her. If she sends us bills for using her products, we’ll send her bills for advertising her programs.” The CEO explained.

The CEO also dismissed the claims by likes of Channel Nine and AFVSI and termed them laughable. He told that Indian news channels only show what Indians have liked on earlier occasions.

Faking News has learnt that since Indians seemingly had liked cheerleaders in Cricket, Indian news channels are mulling to have cheerleaders in their chat shows and studio discussions. When a speaker in the chat show/studio would put across a point, the cheerleaders will jump and dance to prove the point. The first such show is expected to be on rising religious intolerance in the country.


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