Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Journalists criticize Dhoni for late declaration

New Delhi. Television journalists covering cricket, cutting across channel lines, have criticized Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni for having declared Indian innings late on the fourth day of the second cricket test match between India and Australia in Mohali. Although India won the test by a huge margin of 320 runs, these sports journalist think that the declaration was ill timed.

“Fifth day play could barely go beyond an hour and it was such a waste of time for everyone to have waited till last day of the match for a result. Had Dhoni declared by lunch time on fourth day itself, we’d have got a result yesterday and would have had the pride of defeating Australia in just four days.” Anurag Usman (name changed), sports correspondent of Moon News told.

Anurag found support from most of the sports journalists of various television channels. Interestingly, print journalists don’t agree with such a view and rubbished the whole issue. Even among television journalists, some begged to differ with views of journalists like Anurag.

Faking News found the whole situation very strange and hence decided to analyze the issue further. Our undercover correspondent posed as a television journalist and had a couple of drinks with Anurag. In our sting operation on television journalists, we came to know that Anurag’s original problem was not due to Dhoni’s decision but due to arrest of Raj Thackeray.

“Arey yaar, I had got a nice hair cut and got my face bleached to come on television and analyze the Indian victory in detail. The moment India won, news about arrest of f**king Raj Thackeray’s came in and these f**king bosses dropped all story ideas on cricket. My girlfriend is making fun of me. I wish the match had ended yesterday.” Anurag confessed on the hidden camera.

Faking News found out that most of the television sports journalists shared the sentiments of Anurag as they found themselves in similar predicament. But there were some journalists who were happy, like Alok Zulfi (name changed) of Bharat TV.

“Boss, my channel anyways is busy with aliens and witches, but I was really scared today as they had asked me to make special stories on Indian victory and correlate it with presence of Sachin’s wife on ground. Fortunately Raj got arrested and now they are making stories on Raj’s kundli. Bach gaya main! (I was spared).” Alok’s happy face was clearly visible on hidden camera.

Faking News team has decided not to disclose the real identities of these journalists or make public the video recorded in sting operation as this might weaken the fourth estate of our democracy.


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