Sunday, October 12, 2008

Maruti to sue Tata

Mumbai. Continuing with the trend of last few days when someone or the other has been sending legal notices, small car manufacturers Maruti Suzuki has decided to sue Tata Group for issuing defamatory statements. Maruti claims that Chairman of Tata Group Ratan Naval Tata called Maruti a ‘bad’ car.

Maruti officials claim that the statement of Ratan Tata that there is a bad 'M' and a good 'M' was actually targeted against Maruti and was misinterpreted as Mamta Banerjee by Indian journalists, who have nothing but politics on their mind all the time.

“That particular statement by Ratan Tata is actually an advertising tagline, which will be used aggressively against Maruti after Nano rolls out in the market. We are pre-empting any such evil campaign and would request courts not to allow this.” Maruti marketing head Mr. Buddhadeb Banerjee told Faking News.

Mr. Banerjee told that Ratan Tata had earlier alluded to Maruti’s hand in Singur crisis and since then they have been scrutinizing each of his statement to find out any nasty reference to Maruti. And when Ratan Tata issued the aforementioned statement in Ahmedabad, Maruti could see his evil designs.

Tata Group officials refused to respond to this development and told that they would wait for any legal notice before commenting or taking any action. They denied that Ratan Tata was launching any anti-Maruti advertising campaign through his ‘bad M’ statement.

Industry sources say that this signals fierce competition for small car market between Tata and Maruti, which would ultimately end up benefitting common man, the ‘good M’.


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