Saturday, October 11, 2008

Raj Thackeray sends flowers to Big B, gets sued

Mumbai. Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan woke up today morning to see a giant bouquet of flowers kept outside his house on the eve of his 66th birthday. Initially he thought it was sent by one of his millions fans, but was taken aback when he read the message on the bouquet – Get well soon Bachchan Bhaiyya, love, Raj Thackeray. Soon after Amitabh Bachchan complained of severe pain in his stomach.

Innocent RajThis attempt of ‘gandhigiri’ has not gone down well with either the Bachchan family or fans of Big B. They see this step as another unwanted attempt of Raj Thackeray to be in news and instill fear and insecurity among North Indians living in Mumbai. But Raj Thackeray seemed least bothered.

“I was just wishing him birthday, why should anyone have problem with this style? Gandhigiri is not anyone’s copyright. I will use gandhigiri and do gandhigiri each time an opportunity arises in future.” A press note issued by MNS quoted Raj Thackeray justifying his behavior.

But this innocuous looking quote may land Raj Thackeray in trouble. A resident of Patna, Mr. Karamchand Giri, has decided to sue Raj Thackeray for issuing statements that has apparently caused his eldest son to face humiliation among friends and public.

Mr. Karamchand Giri belongs to a family of advocates who have been traditionally supporters of Congress since Mahatma Gandhi days. His father was so influenced by Mahatma Gandhi that he changed his name to Mohan Das. When his first and only son was born, he named him Karamchand, and when his first grandson was born, he named him Gandhi. As a result, the eldest son of Mr. Karamchand Giri was called Gandhi Giri.

“I will use gandhigiri and do gandhigiri – this statement by Raj Thackeray is causing irreparable mental pain and agony to my son, he has been made a laughing stock by people around him and no one but Raj is responsible.” Mr. Karamchand Giri told Faking News.

Mr. Karamchand Giri has already filed a case against Raj Thackeray and is confident that courts will take notice of the situation and summon Raj Thackeray.

Meanwhile fans of Amitabh Bachchan suspect that Raj Thackeray is somehow responsible for the stomach problem because of which Big B was admitted in Leelavati Hospital today. They claim that how come among all the flowers that Mr. Bachchan received, only Raj Thackeray’s bouquet had ‘get well soon’ written on it? Fans say that it hints towards the possibility that Raj knew in advance that Big B would fall ill, and might well have actually engineered his illness.


Neutral said...

actually this is merely a co-incident with hidden intention , not to be successful! what Raj wanted to convey the message ,coinciding big "B" birthday, is in reality he wanted a chance to convey his mock wish for Bal thackeray for his ailing health! as in "sarkar raj" , big "B" had played the role of Bal Thackeray , so he took the chance to convey his mocking wish with dummy Bal thackeray as he knew that ultimately it will go to Bal Thackeray and Bal T. would understand and such Raj had tried to kill two bird with one strike and to add chilli in Bal Thackeray's wound but God wish was different and the play of Raj had been reversed and he came under doubt when big "B" fell sick really!

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