Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Palin incites Obama, cites Mayawati

Los Angeles, USA. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee for 2008 United States presidential election, has accused Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama of being misogynist i.e anti-woman. Palin also claimed that Obama has a secret mission of converting the statue of liberty from a White Christian woman holding the constitution into a Black Muslim man holding Quran.

Sarah Palin“He spat venom against Hilary first, and then refused to make her a running mate. When he won the democrat nomination, he called a woman journalist ‘sweetie’, and now he is attacking my reputation. His misogynist tendencies have come out in open so many times.” Sarah Palin told journalists in a press conference.

She further suspected that Obama was behind the playboy’s offer to Wall Street woman to pose for the adult magazine and demanded that FBI looks into this matter. Palin had called this press conference to clarify her stand on various issues, both domestic and international, but she made the ‘anti-woman’ nature of Obama as the theme of the conference.

Towards the end of the press conference, Palin shocked the journalists, especially the Indian journalists attending the press conference, when she told that Republicans were proud of Kumari Mayawati, the chief minister of Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. She averred that Republicans would continue to fight for more woman chief ministers in India post Indo-US nuclear deal.

The conference was hurriedly called off after this statement and later Republican Party issued a statement that Palin was just getting pally and jocular towards the end to cultivate a cordial relationship with media. The party has asked journalists to ignore her remarks concerning Mayawati.

But analysts suspect that Sarah Palin got all her papers and handouts given to her mixed up and got it all wrong while trying to put all things together under the ‘anti-woman’ theme. She confused Mayawati as a part of Republican Party operating in India because Mayawati’s party BSP (Bahujan Samaj party, not the recent party formed by homosexuals) too has an elephant as election symbol.

Experts suspect that she must have seen that election symbol in the handout ‘Quick tour of Indian politics’ given to her, a copy of which was left behind inadvertently among the journalists when the press conference was called off. She tried to use it in her favor as she might have believed that post Indo-US nuclear deal, USA will have full control over sovereignty of India, an allegation by Left parties of India that was also mentioned in the same handout, which clearly she had read in a hurry, if read at all.

Political analysts point out that this is a shocking proof showing how much unaware American politicians are on international issues, but yet are confident about issuing statements.

In fact, Indian journalists were further shocked when Democrats issued a press note mocking Ms. Sarah Palin of using wrong examples to prove pro-woman policies of Republicans. The note claimed that the example of Mayawati was a self-defeating one as the Republican supporters in India have proved that they have no respect for their woman leader by calling her banjee (behenji in America accent). Democrats maintained that Palin needed to do more for women empowerment in India.


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