Friday, October 10, 2008

Government bans typhoid from Muslim areas

New Delhi. Acting apparently on the recommendations of Lachar Committee report, government has banned Typhoid form the Muslim dominated areas of the country. The central cabinet took this decision in an emergency meeting called to discuss domestic security and communal tensions in the country. The ban will become effective from next Friday i.e. 17th October.

In its report, Lachar Committee had observed that Muslim community in India was living in areas short of basic amenities, which hazardously exposed them to health problems such as typhoid. Many UPA allies believed that Lachar Committee had suggested that real problem was typhoid.

Cabinet met early morning today and discussed this aspect alongside the issue of banning Bajrang Dal. After discussing for four hours, the cabinet finally decided to ban typhoid from Muslim areas.

“Even though we wanted to ban both Bajrang Dal and Typhoid, we couldn’t do it. We don’t have enough proofs against Bajrang Dal as of now, and we have asked security agencies to find them. As for Tyhpoid, Lachar Committee report made it pretty obvious and we have decided to ban it.” Home Minister Shivraj Patil informed mediapersons.

BJP has reacted sharply to the development terming the decision of government as appeasement of minorities. Party claimed that UPA is eying next general elections and playing vote bank politics.

“They should have banned typhoid from whole of India, why only Muslims should benefit from it? It’s not typhoid, but terrorism is what Muslims are suffering from, let the government show courage and ban terrorism from those areas.” Party spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad told Faking News.

Ravi Shankar Prasad averred that if BJP is voted to power, they will revoke this ban and instead put a ban on terrorism in Muslim areas. He contended that a pan-India ban on terrorism was not necessary as a ban on Muslim areas would be most effective.

Meanwhile, law enforcing agencies are a bit unsure on how would they enforce the ban. They are waiting for a detailed guideline from home ministry as they are completely confused on what to do if typhoid breaks out in a Muslim dominated area. No one in the police or intelligence agencies was willing to comment on this issue.


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