Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BJP looks out for the elusive onion

Indian OnionNew Delhi. BJP has kicked off its General Elections 2009 campaign with an onion hunting drive called ‘Dear Onion’. Party workers have put up posters like the one you can see alongside this report in various parts of the country, which is causing a lot of curiosity among the general public. The poster claims that persons hunting down highly priced onions stand a chance to win a ticket to general elections.

“We believe that the Congress government is artificially controlling the prices of onion to keep it low. Inflation has hit the roof and recession has hit Indian industries, how come prices of onion are not going up? Why do prices of onions rise only when Congress is in opposition? There is an ugly conspiracy to suppress facts from citizens of India.” BJP leader Arun Jaitley explained the rationale behind the poster campaign.

Mr. Jaitley further explained that Indian voters’ opinion about inflation is highly elastic and sensitive with respect to onions and energy. Inflation figures as suggested by WPI (Wholesale Price Index) or CPI (Consumer Price Index) doesn’t matter much to him till he can get onions, LPG, and petrol at affordable prices.

“There is a conspiracy behind not lowering the petrol prices even though international prices have come down. Congress will lower the prices once election dates are announced. Onions and Energy are the tools with which Congress wins elections.” Arun Jaitley onioned opined.

Congress had termed the allegation of BJP as juvenile and has accused the party of trying to manipulate the prices of onion to win the elections. Congress believes that the poster campaign is a clear call to baniyaas (traders), who have traditionally supported BJP, to push up the prices of onions in country.

“The poster clearly calls for pushing the prices of onions so that there is panic among citizens. BJP has always won elections by engineering panic and fear among Indians; we are not surprised at this campaign.” Congress leader and Finance Minister P Chidambaram told Faking News.

Mr. Chidambaram further argued that there was nothing wrong even if it was true that Congress government had been artificially controlling the prices of onion.

“We have asked banks to lower interest rates, we have asked hotels to lower room rents, we have asked IIMs to lower cut-off marks for admission, we have asked companies to lower salaries and number of employees, and so on. We have interfered and lowered the standards (sic) at so many places, what’s so shocking if we are trying to lower the prices of onions as well?” Finance Minister wondered.

Finance Minister claimed that inflation was under control and economy was doing better than what BJP had achieved during its ‘India Shining’ period, and that’s why prices of onions were not rising. But BJP differed from this point of view and has termed the whole situation as a conspiracy against Hindus people of India.


india said...

BJP : means bhul jao pyaj was election slogan at one time . Today potato is Rs20/kg in Delhi and Rs6 or less in Bihar villages. Is this gap of Rs 14 not sufficient to improve plight of farmers. Say FEKUs of faking news to our finance minister and prime minister to change rural marketing system.

Anonymous said...

I have a sneaky feeling the government is keeping nimbu (lime) prices low too. How else can the corn vendor on the street afford to spread nimbu on the corn for no extra charge (adding mirchi too)?!

Insane! Where's the free market for bulbous vegetables and sour citrus fruits?!

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