Friday, November 21, 2008

Somalia rights group blasts India

Pirates of SomaliaMogadishu, Somalia. A leading human rights group of Somalia, Somali Dal, has denounced Indian Navy’s operation against sea pirates and has termed it as an ‘act of aggression’ and a proof of existence of ‘state sponsored terrorism’ in Indian policy. India had attacked and sunk ships of Somali pirates a couple of days back near Somali coast.

Somali Dal has suggested that the world should study the root cause of piracy and address the ‘real’ issues instead of attacking pirates recklessly. The organization claimed that Somalia has been given an unfair treatment by the rest of the world for centuries, and now the world must concede and put up with Somali self-respect and awareness.

“We have been robbed off our wealth and wellness during colonial era and we are still not treated with dignity. Even a hopelessly poor and hungry country like Ethiopia had balls to attack us and no one came to our rescue. Now when our men attack ships, hypocritical countries like India have reacted in a needlessly aggressive way.” Somali Dal spokesperson Mbkuew Piratwa told Faking News.

When asked why he (Mbkuew is a male name) thought India as a hypocritical country, Mbkuew argued that while Indians always preach non-violence and practice artistic policies in name of social justice to reverse ethnic discrimination, they showed complete disrespect for the same when it came to dealing with Somali pirates.

“They provide reservations in jobs and colleges for people who were ill treated and who were denied respect. Their intelligentsia suggests studying and removing the root cause of terrorism and oppose armed conflict with domestic terrorists of all hues. Even in case of foreign terrorists like those in Kashmir, same set of standards are applied, in fact they are invited for dialogue and speak in seminars. Why were our people attacked then?” Mbkuew wondered.

Mr. Mbkuew also argued that Africans, especially Somalis, have the first claim on the resources of the world, and the pirates were acting out of this prudent belief, which he claimed was originally espoused by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. He demanded that Indian Prime Minister should apologize for this act of aggression and suspend Indian Navy officers responsible for such a barbarian act akin to terrorism.

Somali Dal also suspects that India is acting under a well thought conspiracy to defame Somali people.

“George W Bush had accurately revealed that food prices around the world were going up due to Indians eating more and more food. Now by attacking us, India wants the world to believe that food prices are going up because ships carrying food are attacked by us, which causes the transportation cost to go up.” Mbkuew explained.

Somali Dal representatives plan to meet various world leaders in coming days to expose what they call India’s evil designs and double standards.


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