Friday, November 14, 2008

Children protest against hijacking their day

Angry Indian ChildNew Delhi. Children woke up to a rude shock today when they found that there was nothing on offer for them on a day called “Children’s day”. Indian adults had hijacked the agenda by choosing this day to launch three versions of their favorite pastimes – politics, cricket and movies – polling for assembly elections in Chhatisgarh, first one-day cricket match between India and England, and release of blockbuster movies like Desh Drohi.

Pan India Children’s Society (PICS) has expressed deep anguish over this disregard and disrespect shown to children of India. Members of PICS feel that children are getting this unfair treatment because they don’t have voting rights and purchasing power.

“They don’t allow us to vote, they don’t allow us to earn (by outlawing child labor), and now they are denying us even a day in the whole calendar year. Children have a sizeable population in India but there is a conspiracy to keep us out of the mainstream. We have to unite to defeat these adult forces.” PICS chairboy Sameer-II told Faking News.

But some of the children think otherwise. Although they agree that adults have done nothing special on this day for them and have instead used it to enjoy their three pastimes, they also believe that increasingly these three pastimes are becoming childish.

“I guess we children can enjoy politics as it is increasingly becoming juvenile. In fact, we feel that soon children would be allowed to vote and contest elections as we are matured enough for the job. As far as movies are concerned, more animated ones are to be released so movies are no longer for adults only. And with retirement of seniors, I guess cricket is getting away from clutches of adults, so even there we can find space for us.” an optimistic child told us.

Nonetheless, PICS has threatened to launch a pan-India agitation against this exploitation and persecution of children. They have warned that if children are not given their due, they would be forced to take law into their own hands.


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