Friday, November 14, 2008

Cake cutting by Raj Thackeray raises vital questions

Killer CakePatna. Many parts of Bihar and UP were bemused to see a cake that apparently belonged to MNS chief Raj Thackeray. Most of the news channels showed Raj Thackeray cutting a cake that had Bhaiyya (a respectful word used by a doting MNS worker to address brethren from north Indian states like UP and Bihar) written on it. Though some channels claimed that Raj used a sword to cut the cake, Faking News believes that the tool used to cut the cake was not grand enough to be called a sword. Whatever the tool was, this incident is proving to be the tool of latest round of controversy.

Most of the people believed that this video was strong enough a proof to prove that MNS chief had nothing but hatred for people belonging to UP and Bihar, because Raj didn’t give any piece of cake to any person from UP and Bihar. In fact, Raj is reported to believe that no cake made in Maharashtra should be allowed to be eaten by non-marathi people. MNS has supported the “Marathi cake for marathi maanoos only” slogan of Raj but has refused to accept that it was a result of any hatred against people from UP and Bihar.

But some leaders from UP and Bihar thought that the video was a proof that Raj wanted to kill all people from UP and Bihar by cutting them into pieces in the same fashion as he cut the cake. MNS has again denied the charges and has argued that the people from UP and Bihar can’t be compared with a cake as cake is an English word and language was the only important factor in any identity. MNS has further claimed that by writing a Hindi word on the cake, Raj had actually shown respect to people from UP and Bihar.

Indian media discounted all these arguments by MNS, and aired the video playing it over and over again as “breaking news”. In recent times, this is the second instance when a video related to Raj Thackeray had made news, last time it was the video of Raj Thackeray’s dogs.

FNIG (Faking News Intelligence Group) analyzed the trend and has concluded that the next video that could trouble Raj Thackeray would be of his Brush. The analysis by FNIG follows alphabetical and numerological pattern of the words Dog and Cake. After ‘D’ and ‘C’, it was clear that the next word would start from ‘B’, and after a 3-lettered and 4-lettered word, it was again clear that the next word would be 5-lettered. FNIG analyzed all the 5-lettered words starting from ‘B’ and concluded that the next video would be of Raj Thackeray’s Brush.

FNIG also raised a very valid question that was missed by Indian media and politicians – was it an eggless cake that Raj Thackeray used?

FNIG believes that Raj’s real intention was not to scare people from UP and Bihar by cutting a cake in a threatening style, but to demoralize them by putting eggs on their faces. Faking News calls for a high level inquiry to ascertain egg-ness of Raj Thackeray’s cake.


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