Sunday, November 16, 2008

Colors of terrorism

With Indian media reporting and probing the question of terrorism for long, Faking News team too decided to voice its opinion on the current terrorist scenario of India. Faking News Intelligence Group (FNIG) decided to study and analyze the various terrorist groups and activities, and has come up with a report – colors of terrorism.

FNIG has compiled the above report with the following assumptions, which we think most of the Indian media also makes when reporting and analyzing topics related with terrorism:

1. Government agencies tell the truth
2. Government acts in good faith to protect its own citizens
3. Terrorists are guilty until proven innocent
4. Media has right to pronounce judgments as courts take too long a time
5. Communal riots are not an act of terrorism

Our report concludes that there are just two colors of terrorism – Green and Saffron i.e. Islamic terrorism and Hindu terrorism respectively. And even though our intellectuals have been claiming that all kinds of terrorism are same and must be denounced, FNIG has found out that there are many differences between Islamic and Hindu terrorism, and any strategy to counter them must take into account these differences.

For the benefit of the security agencies and intellectuals, FNIG is making the findings of the report public in shape of the following table, which documents all the major differences between the two colors of terrorism:

Colors of Terrorism


Hara Hindu said...

there is one more difference between Hindu and Muslim - Muslims attack police and destroy public property after bomb blasts, Hindus keep silent and weep over dead bodies after blasts.

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