Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mumbai police reviews Desh Drohi

Kamaal ka BondMumbai. Having proved their credentials in shooting, Mumbai police today broadened their horizons by donning the mantle of a film critic by reviewing the upcoming movie Desh Drohi, which is expected to be a runaway success. The special screening for policemen was organized by the actor-producer Kamaal Rashid Khan, who won accolades from the policemen for his stupendous acting in the movie.

While the censor board of India had given Desh Drohi a U/A (universal/adult) certificate after Kamaal Rashid Khan fought hard to resist any cuts, Mumbai police gave the film a U/B certificate. Initially Faking News thought that U/B stood for universal/baby, but Mumbai police commissioner clarified that U/B stood for UP/Bihar. The commissioner refused to elaborate what such kind of rating signifies.

Apart from acting by Kamaal, policemen also liked the stunts and special effects used in the movie. Most of the policemen believed that Bond film ‘Quantum of Solace’ was released in India a week prior to its release in the US because the Bond film producers feared stiff competition from Desh Drohi.

“They knew that once Desh Drohi hits the theatre, crowds will desert the silly Bond film and enjoy the superior action thriller of Kamaal. This should be our entry to Oscars”, Mumbai cops told Faking News.

Lady in RedCops also appreciated the romantic scenes of the movie and told they loved the actresses’ performances as well. Some of the cops were seen dancing when songs of the movie appeared during the special screening. On conditions of anonymity, some policemen conceded that they had wished that the actresses too had joined them for this special screening.

But some cops were not so happy with the way policemen have been portrayed in the movie.

“They have used different shades of green to show our uniform. We show more shades of gray in our appearance, don’t we? They should have been more meticulous in their research.” one cop observed.

Overall the movie was well received by the Mumbai police and they are expected to recommend to the state government and MNS that the movie be allowed to be released in the city.

If things go as expected, Desh Drohi will be released all over Indians next week. The movie has been released under the banner of O.K. International in association with P.J. Productions.


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