Saturday, November 8, 2008

George Bush’s dog bites reporter

Washington, D.C. Outgoing US President George W Bush's dog Barney has bit Reuter’s reporter Jon Decker's right index finger. Decker will have to spend a small part of his life on anti-biotics post this canine attack. Decker had gone to White House to interview Barney, a dog of Scottish terrier breed.

Faking News has learnt that Decker was on an assignment to get Barney’s opinion on him being replaced as the first dog of the country. It should be noted that a couple of days back, incoming US President Barack Obama had declared that he will get a new dog for White House.

A news channel in India was reported to be preparing to run a campaign where Indians would nominate dogs of their choice, which they deemed fit to be Obama’s pet. Reuter India editorial head could sense the demand for news and had asked his US counterpart to get an exclusive interview of George W Bush’s dog on the whole issue.

Apparently Obama, or anyone from his family, had not talked to Barney after he declared his intentions to get a new dog to White House. This had riled Barney no end. When the Reuters reporter went on to get his sound-bite, Barney gave him a dog-bite to convey his annoyance with Obama’s lack of courtesy.

Faking News thanks reporter April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks, who captured the moment on video, for sharing the same with us:


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