Sunday, November 9, 2008

Scientists find out the reason politicians make promises

Sriharikota. With Chandrayaan-1 entering moon’s orbit, new information has started pouring in. And on the first day itself Scientists at ISRO have claimed to discover a secret that was under wraps for over 60 years now. The images and data sent by Chandrayaan-1 shows a group of asteroids orbiting very near to earth around this time of year. Scientists believe that these asteroids and other celestial bodies are the reason politicians are making strong promises and influential speeches in India.

Scientists have found out that these asteroids and celestial bodies induce specific psychological and biological changes among the politicians and stimulate them to make promises and speeches, just as a full moon transforms some people into werewolves and stimulate them to kill humans. Scientists claimed that the politicians around the country are undergoing such transformation right now.

Chandrayaan-1Scientist further informed that these asteroids are moving in an elliptical orbit around the earth and are currently in the perigee stage. The orbital period of these asteroids has been calculated to be five years i.e. each of these celestial bodies comes near to earth once in five years. As of now scientists are not able to say how many of such asteroids or cluster of heavenly groups could be traveling in the orbit.

“We are not sure of the total number of such asteroids or other celestial bodies which could be revolving around the orbit, but they seem to approach the earth in clusters once in five years.” Prof. Chandru Votemurthy told Faking News.

Prof. Votemurthy explained to our correspondent how ISRO scientists mapped the promises and speeches of many of Indian politicians with the interpolated path of these asteroids. After running a multivariate analysis on the above data points, it was pretty evident that the politicians were making stronger promises and more influential speeches when these bodies were in perigee stage. The only other known species known to be influenced by the movement of celestial bodies are werewolves.

“There is clear similarity between a werewolf and an Indian politician. I don’t know whether it’s a good news or bad news; that is to be decided by you and your readers.” Mr. Votemurthy told us in a pensive mood.


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