Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sherlyn Chopra was Monalisa in last life

Mona LisaMumbai. Sex siren and item girl Sherlyn Chopra has claimed that she is incarnation of the woman in Mona Lisa, the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci. She also claimed that due to facial similarities with the Mona Lisa woman she was nicknamed Mona by her friends and hence she is also known as Mona Chopra.

“I have not been given my due recognition and importance in my own country. It’s high time Indians stood and took notice of me. I can bring fame to India; they just need to see my pictures.” Sherlyn told Faking News. She has produced a picture of herself, reproduced here at Faking News, to back her claims.

Sherlyn has also demanded that the Government of India should take up this issue with France and immediately transfer the ownership of the famous painting to her. She told that she intends to meet foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee to push for the demand.

She further argued that had Indian painters like M F Hussain painted her portraits, Indian painting would have achieved global recognition by now.

“Instead of following an intelligent and sexy nymph like me, Hussain sahib chose a mad houri. When will our country learn to walk with rest of the world?” Sherlyn expressed her concern.

But Sherlyn’s claim has already run into rough weather as a budding painter has claimed that the picture Sherlyn had produced as proof was not painted by Leonardo da Vinci. The painter, identified as Rakhi, claims the picture to be her original experimental work, and has termed it as Rakhi’s-avant-garde.

Rakhi further claimed that Sherlyn was just hungry for publicity and money and she had plans to sell off the Mona Lisa painting at high price after sweet-talking the Indian government into getting the painting to India. She has warned Sherlyn not to take mileage out of her original work.


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