Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sociolinguists blame junta for India’s ills

Junta at workNew Delhi. A group of sociolinguists have found out that use of the word ‘junta’ to address a common man or Indian citizens has led to the current political mess that is found in India. These sociolinguists have come up with a report that strongly argues against the use of the word and calls for an immediate ban on it. However the report doesn’t suggest an alternative word.

“The most obvious problem is that the word junta refers to a military dictatorship. Indian voters have been choosing militants and dictators due to this confusion as they feel that only such people truly represent a junta. This is getting internalized with each passing day, we must stem the rot.” leading sociolinguist Zabaan-ur-Pareshan, who spearheaded the research, told Faking News.

The researchers found that the gender of ‘junta’ was even more worrying factor and was strongly responsible for criminalization of Indian politics. It should be noted that junta (जनता) is a feminine word in Hindi.

“Women are known to be fascinated with men having dark shades of character. Don’t we see young girls in shools-colleges preferring rowdy and flamboyant boys with worse academic records over studious and quiet boys? Such bully boys easily win over girls by feigning admiration for them. Similarly leaders who are uneducated but rowdy win over junta and win elections by feigning concern for common men.” Zabaan-ur-Pareshan explained.

The researchers have recommended that ‘junta’ should be replaced by another word in day to day use, and the replacement word must not be of feminine gender. They have requested Indian citizens to come up with suggestions and implement it after banning ‘junta’.


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