Saturday, January 31, 2009

Amar Singh ropes in Blagojevich to counter Shibu Soren

Shibu SirenIllinois, USA. Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) chief and former Chief Minister of Bihar’s neighbor, Shibu Soren, is in for formidable competition. For, former Governor (never to contest again in US) of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich has decided to shift to India. Blagojevich has the distinction of being the first US governor in more than two decades to be removed by impeachment. He had been accused of trying to auction off the US senate seat vacated by Barack Obama, the US president.

Faking News learns that feelers had been sent to him by Congress when his impeachment had become certain. UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi was keen on getting a young high-profile professional to groom crown prince Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi in worldly affairs. She was concerned that most of her senapatis (lieutenants) were in their 70s and 80s and the only news they were creating were speculations about their health.

Her party had assembled a brilliant team of lawyers, headed by Harvard-educated Kapil Sibal, to provide counsel to the beleaguered governor. The star of the team was V R Manohar, BCCI boss Shashank Manohar’ father. The celebrated lawyer had successfully defended cricketer Harbhajan Singh from an ICC-appointed New Zealand judge last year.

Blagojevich was extensively briefed to argue, "There is no evidence before your body here - no evidence, zero - that shows any wrongdoing by me as governor." Even his reaction after the vote was drafted by the Indian team and conveyed online in a video conference: "I haven't done anything wrong. I look forward to proving my innocence, clearing my name and that's what's gonna happen."

But in a startling development, Amar Singh managed to bag the US politico, upsetting the Madam Gandhi’s plans. He said he was keeping a watch on the development ever since PM Manmohan Singh betrayed him in July 2008 and went back on the understanding with SP. He was referring to the non-fulfillment of the wholesale bargain he had struck for the entire herd of party MPs.

According to documents available with Faking News, Amar Singh had provided a dossier to the Illinois boss, proving that the Congress promises were only as much dependable as Ramalinga Raju’s Satyams. Sonia had offered an exit option to the governor in case the strategy of the legal eagles did not click. She was confident of getting him into Indian Parliament despite his foreign origin.

Party spokesman Veerappa Moily met Blagojevich and assured him that his skill sets were highly valued in India. He gave the example of how the party had rewarded the equally talented Shibu Soren in return for his party’s vote in sealing Indo-US nuke agreement.

Although the PM could not restore his ministerial post in the Union Cabinet, Moily explained, Soren was offered a repeat term as Jharkhand CM. While conceding that Blagojevich’s record was indeed impeccable, he stressed that Soren holds even better record of an MP driving straight from Parliament to Tihar Jail, to serve time after his conviction was upheld.

The Illinois governor was in two minds whether to shift to India, doubting if he would be eclipsed by the JMM boss. What forced him to ditch Congress and go to SP, ironically, was the attitude of a staunch Congress ally, Lalu Prasad Yadav, the chief of RJD. The Railway minister had ganged up with some Hindi belt Congressmen to reject the proposal to enthrone Shibu’s confidante Champai Soren in the neighbouring state.

Shibu Soren, who had to step down yet again on the frivolous grounds of losing a bye election, had to eat a humble pie. Although outwardly he declared, “To maintain the unity of UPA, we have proposed (the) two new names. It is up to the central UPA leaders to decide about unity of UPA in the state," he was furious at Lalu in private. Sources say he shouted, “Did I come in between when he decided that Rabri Yadav would succeed him as Bihar CM, when he was forced to step down?”

The sleuths the American Democrat had hired submitted a report confirming Amar Singh’s projection that both Shibu and Lalu were likely to join Congress any time. Both would consider the phorener as their common rival if Madam gives him too much importance. No wonder, Roddie developed cold feet and decided to throw his weight behind Amar Singh.

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