Friday, January 9, 2009

Ekta Kapoor denies piracy charge by Abdullahs

Angrezi Saas aur Bharatiya BahuSrinagar. The first action from the Abdullah dynasty, upon the third-generation cub of ‘Sher-e-Kashmir’ Sheikh Abdullah ascending to the throne to become the youngest Chief Minister of Indian part of the territory, has not particularly endeared it to crores of proud Indians. The Abdullahs seem to be buying trouble by attempting to harass Ekta Kapoor, the chief of Balaji Telefilms. The company has incidentally filed for changing its name to Saas Bahu Corporation Inc (SBCI).

Everyone knows that the most important task of anyone capable of making noise in India is to watch the immensely popular creations of the soap czarina. Her characters develop immense pride in the millenniums-old culture and traditions of the nation than any mythological being has ever done. In fact, the streeottam (ideal female) Saas-cum-Bahu of Ekta Kapoor’s longest running version of the soap has overtaken Ram, the purushottam (ideal male) and his only wife.

Several Ekta fans attempted suicide when the company decided to take the version off air. Many people believed that SBCI was ‘killing’ the serial. The company had termed it as a figment of imagination “even beyond our capability”. It had finalized the characters’ reincarnation before stopping its telecast. Yet, the streeottam and her devotees went to court against the decision.

It was a hell of a job for lawyers to convince the judges that there was no need for interference; after all, the issue was far removed from confirming the place of birth of Ram, the case for which is going on and on and on. Hardly had the soap team settled back to creative affairs when it got a legal notice from Srinagar.

“On behalf of my clients Molie Abdullah and Payal Abdullah, we demand to preview and censor each every episode of the TV serial you are allegedly producing for exhibition across India,” reads the notice, a copy of which is available with Faking News. It may be noted that Payal is Omar Abdullah’s better half while Molie is married to his father Farooq.

The notice alleges that the plot of the new project of SBCI - Angrezi Saas aur Bharatiya Bahu - has been pirated from the happenings in the Sher’s den. Ekta was understandably disturbed when Faking News contacted her for her comments. She was concerned that the descendents of Sher-e-Kashmir enjoy much more destructive influence than Chhuchhundars of media outfits like us.

“We could have made ‘Kyunki Saas bhi . . . ‘ go on and on for another ten years. However, we wanted to do full justice to ‘Angrezi Saas aur Bharatiya Bahu’. While the former united people in every state of India in an unprecedented manner, the latter is meant to catch the imagination of people overseas. The whole world will then look up to India,” Ekta said.

Sources say that the reservations of the Abdullahs are not entirely baseless. They can’t be faulted for highlighting that the Angrezi Saas refers to Molie, who is English, and Bharatiya Bahu to Payal, a Punjabi. Although Ekta claims that the entire story line was a result of divine inspiration to save Indian culture, it does appear to take off from the family.

The clout that the family enjoys in the corridors of power in New Delhi is not the same as when the Sheikh was caged by the Jawaharlal Nehru, the founder of the ‘other’ dynasty, originally from Kashmir. But with the two dynasties mollycoddling each other now, it is very possible that the launch of the next kahani may get indefinitely delayed.

It is not that the misfortune is due to the dropping of K factor from the title of the soap. SBCI has of course taken care of that, adding Kahani and ki at the beginning and end of ‘Angrezi Saas aur Bharatiya Bahu’. A company spokesperson ridiculed the charge that it was out to exploit the other K-factor – Kashmir Factor – to claim cheep publicity. “If our characters happen to resemble anyone else, it is entirely coincidental,” he declared.

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chhuchhundarbaba said...

Of course, the National Conference, tagged as ‘soft separatists’ has been dead set against ‘outsiders’, including Indians, India dominating the territory. But, the first family teems with outsiders and except daughter Safia, everyone else is married to a non-Kashmiri. Farooq Saab was once a playboy, with Bollywood starlets riding pillion with him in bikes and didn’t care for things like Art 370 blah blah. However, he now detests any publicity of the CM’s wife Payal being ‘Bharatiya’.

The Senior Abdullah feels that it would mean complete alienation from Kashmiris if and when soft separatism succeeds. He had consciously avoided being seen with his youngest daughter Sara, ever since she chose Sachin Pilot as her life partner. The young Congress MP happens to be the son of late Rajesh Pilot, who was a conspicuous crony of a brat of the Nehru dynasty, late Rajiv Gandhi.

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