Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kids beaten up for taking part in immoral TV shows

TeachersMangalore. Activists of a recently formed and little known organization Bal Ganesh Sena (BGS) beat up some school going kids at the sets of a television reality show based on dance competition amongst the kids. Little boys and girls were pushed on the sets and chased away by danda wielding activists, who were mostly in the age group of 18-35 years, and a couple of kids were also beaten up when they tried to argue with the activists of BGS. While the whole nation was shocked to witness this hooliganism, BGS people claimed it to be a tirade against rampant Child Labor in India.

“This is an age when these kids should be studying to become doctors and engineers, and here they are wasting time and resources of the nation by dancing and cracking filthy jokes. These young girls would grow to become bar dancers and the boys will become gigolos. This is not Indian culture, we will never allow it. All these kids must go back to schools before it is too late.” W Bachcharappa, the founder and president of BGS told Faking News.

The state government, led by BJP’s Dr.B. S. Yediyurappa, has come under attack from several quarters over this ‘moral policing’. Opposition Congress has alleged that such acts and attacks on kids and other underprivileged sections of the society have grown up since BJP came to power in Karnataka. The party has demanded resignation of the Chief Minister if he failed to secure arrest of the culprits and office bearers of BGS within 24 hours.

“We are a democracy. We can’t allow such acts to take place in our civilized society. We recognize and accept a child’s right to work and lead a life the way he or she wants. When congress was in power, we had allowed everything to these children. They can work on television stations or railway stations, who are we to intervene?” Congress leader Renuka Chaudhary told.

Meanwhile the children who were beaten up by the activists were apparently too shocked to say anything. We asked them many questions like ‘how did they feel after being beaten up’ and ‘do they support such public beatings’, but most of them decided not to respond. But their parents spoke up against the deeds of BGS.

“Do those gundas know better than us what is good for our children? Our kids are better educated and cultured than those shameless grown up donkeys who beat up these little angels. Our kids even earn more than those jobless jokers. They are plain jealous of these facts and were just expressing their frustration by such acts. But they must be arrested.” Mukesh Bhatt, father of a nine year old girl, told Faking News.

Other civil society organizations and human rights groups too have condemned this moral policing and have squarely blamed BJP for this growing goondaism. Although BJP condemned the violence, they appealed to the parents to provide better education and upbringing to their kids, which the party thought was the main cause of such occurrences. The party remained non-committal over the issue of arrests of activists of BGS, saying ‘the law will take its own course’.


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