Monday, January 26, 2009

Danny Boyle criticizes Republic Day parade

Rich CultureMumbai. Director of the British movie Slumdog Millionaire has criticized Indian government for showing poverty during the Republic Day parade of India. The director, Danny Boyle, particularly referred to the tableau of Maharashtra that passed through the Rajpath in New Delhi during the parade to commemorate the 60th Republic Day of India. The tableau seemed to showcase the state of Maharashtra, which also houses the metropolitan city of Mumbai, as a state where people reared sheep and lived in huts.

“I don’t know what is the thought behind such stuff. It could have done only by an Indian. I’ve been to Mumbai and seen young boys and girls smooching in public and moving in swanky cars. I could see a couple of cows but no sheep on roads. And on the republic day of India, I see the state containing Mumbai being represented by a semi-clad man carrying sheep on his shoulder. What is India trying to show to the world?” Danny asked, saying he was shocked.

Danny suggested that Indians should get over the perception that poverty symbolized the richness of a culture. He told that such shows on such important days reinforced the belief among the westerners that India had no millionaires but only slum dwellers. He further claimed that his movie Slumdog Millionaire was trying to change that perception, and Indians must watch it and pray that it got Oscar Awards.

“It’s a choice you Indians have to make. You show ballistic missiles and bare bellies at the same time. It’s such a dichotomy. The west knows Taliban as the only people who have no clothes but lot of weapons. Do you want to be seen like them? The truth is you are a country of millionaires, in fact billionaires. Time to change gears, folks.” Danny told.

Faking News tried to get the government reaction on Mr. Boyle’s suggestions, but government officials were unavailable as it was a national holiday. They also had switched off their mobile phones. Faking News tried to get the public opinion on this aspect and we got mixed reactions.

“Danny is a foreigner and he should not try to meddle in our internal affairs. I think as a British he is plain jealous of the fact that on our republic day, Obama has declared that USA is the best friend of India. He is missing Tony and Bush and out of frustration he is issuing such statements. Or maybe due to the solar eclipse, some bad planets had affected his thinking.” P R Patil, a resident of Mumbai, told Faking News.

But there were other Indians who thought Danny Boyle was right and the government should overhaul the republic to reflect the true image of India. Such people couldn’t come up with any specific suggestions for the government, but told that the movie Slumdog Millionaire was a good beginning.


Anonymous said...

Humbleness is a good character. and India has that in every bit of herself. Republic Day is for the people of India, not for showing how many millionaires or billionaires we breed in here. The roots of our country is buried deep in an exquisite culture. A culture which was then devoid of caste and creed, devoid of reservations on basis of caste. So lets stop reacting to what danny boyle is saying about the parade, and look into more important tasks which need some explanations. So next time if any government reaction is asked for, the question should be why half of our people are striving to get one meal a day while the government officials are getting another pay commision added to the payscale.While we are spending crores on security of our politicians when we country people are being slaughtered in the next door.
these are the answer the government needs to give, not a reaction to what Mr. Danny Boyle has said.

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