Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama takes oath as President, unemployment rises

In and OutWashington DC, USA. US president-elect Barack Obama is finally no-longer president-elect. Phew! The Democrat don finally took oath as the first apparently black president of United States of America on Tuesday. And as soon as he took the oath, he faced his first challenge – unemployment rate grew to alarming levels.

“The President has got a lot of hard work to do. The financial crisis and employment scenario in the country is already disquieting, and now his presidency has pushed up the unemployment rates even higher.” Joe Ridden, a resident of Washington told.

The latest rise in unemployment rate has been triggered by the hitherto president George W Bush and his team losing their jobs. While his team members are hopeful of getting a job in some sector, experts are not so hopeful about the employment prospects of Bush junior.

“Obama might pull out troops from Iraq and that could mean companies owned by Bush family might go out of business. That would end all hopes for employment for Junior Bush.” Michael Poor, an expert, told Faking News.

Apart from Bush and his team, many comedians, satirists, cartoonists, photoshoppers, youtubers, journalists, interpreters, English teachers, and some CIA officials have also lost jobs and the numbers are expected to swell in coming days, pushing the unemployment rate even higher.

While Obama’s rise to presidency proved to be a bane for the USA in terms of employment scenario, it proved to be a boon for India. Many Indians became employed as office holders of a new organization called OFC – Obama Fan Club. These office holders were given proper coverage by Indian news channels but Faking News decided to give them a pass.

Meanwhile Obama’s rise to presidency was welcomed all over the world by various governments and groups. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sent forty-four SMSs to the president congratulating him on the feat. When asked whether the Prime Minister went overboard in congratulating, the PMO clarified that the number of SMSs signified the chronological rank of Obama amongst all the American presidents.

Opposition BJP also congratulated Obama for taking oath on Tuesday, the day for worshipping Lord Hanuman. But the party cautioned Obama against regular reaffirmation of his Christian beliefs in public life. BJP prime ministerial candidate L K Advani congratulated Obama by sending him an e-mail and RSS feeds of his blog.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Kumari Behen Mayawati declared that she will congratulate Obama once she became the Prime Minister of India. But her state wore festive looks as opposition Samajwadi Party celebrated the day as Vijay Diwas, claiming Obama as an OBC (Obama Barack Chicagowala). Party leader Amar Singh showed some pictures of himself with Obama family to the journalists.

In neighboring Pakistan, President Zardari called up Michelle Obama, the new first lady of Pakistan, and congratulated her by talking for over one hour. Zardari promised to become bring the dog Obama’s daughters wanted, when he toured USA next.

Congratulatory messages were sent by leaders and people from elsewhere in the world too. In Iraq, people threw shoes up in the sky to express their happiness on the occasion.


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