Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Great Nala of Patna declared a wonder of the world

Patna. The Great Nala (sewage canal) of the city has been admitted as one of the modern wonders of the world. But it’s not sewage, but heavy rains, which has been cited as the reason this dream project of Bihar government got the recognition and the award, which it ably deserved. The project aims to end the problem of water-logging in the capital city during the rainy season.

The reason why this project was recognized for the award is something which is not very difficult to decipher; because it has been delayed at a record level, and the beauty is - the entire construction work has been lost due to interruption of rainy season. Why? Simply because this is the time when the work actually begins.

If this is not enough, you won't believe but it is true, that the same lane is dug on both sides for the same purpose by different companies. To top it all, when everything is done, the BSNL people dig it again to relay the wires that were cut by the municipality. Not only this, they seldom remember that the mud that has been dug out needn't be left as it is. But then, that is not their area or I guess department.

It has been felt that at some places the wires were cut in May'07 and till date no one has rectified the problems of landline and the broadband connection. To solve this they have provided WLL to ease the problem. After all they have done their work, RIGHT.

Another speciality of the Great Nala is that it has helped many software professionals understand what a ‘deadlock’ is. The same road has been divided between two vendors, and as a result one is waiting for another one to complete the task.

But the Great Nala continues to be a beautiful site, because instead of Peeing on the side lanes, guys stand proudly and pee in the Nala itself, making it peecture perfect. Guys are also happy as it is better than doing it on the sidelines, and no one bothers them for it is not anyone’s private property.

In spite of the problems cause by the project, the Patnaites are very proud of this rare achievement. Although somewhere down they wish that the project ended sooner than later.

When asked to an employee working on this project, he said "Madam, agar projectwey nahin rahega toh hum kya karengey, berojgaar hi naaah rahengey, Bataiye ?" He meant if project would not be there than what we will do, simply be unemployed, tell?

No wonder government has pledged to keep delaying the project and make it so long that even Great Wall of China's length can't beat it by years or decades.

(This exclusive news report has been brought to you by Faking News special correspondent Charkha Dutt)


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